The SNP’s leader at Westminster has admitted he isn’t “in tandem” with the Scottish Greens on some policy issues – but says the Holyrood pact between the parties is needed to govern Scotland “firmly”. 

Stephen Flynn MP said that tribal divisions among parties at Holyrrod meant that it was more difficult to govern as a minority administration, such as that seen under former First Minister Alex Salmond.  

The agreement between the SNP and the SNP and Greens at Holyrood means the two parties command a majority over the other parties, something Mr Flynn said “provides certainty”. 

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In an exclusive interview with The Herald, Mr Flynn said: “The dynamics of Holyrood now are very different from where we were in 2011. The constitutional divide post/2014 is much more tribal. Our partnership with the Greens provides certainty and the opportunity to govern firmly.” 

“It’s no secret that on some issues I’m not in tandem with the Greens. We’re there to govern for everyone in Scotland and everyone’s lives are challenging at the moment. 

“There’s a large group of people who are being squeezed all over the place. We need to ensure that what’s coming out of Holyrood is mainly dealing with these concerns.” 

The Herald:

Speaking to Kevin McKenna, Mr Flynn extended an olive branch to Angus MacNeil, who left the SNP Westminster group until at least October after being suspended for a week following a row with the chief whip.

READ MORE: Stephen Flynn - 'No job exists in the world where everyone gets on'

He said: “For Angus, you don’t get to pick and choose when you get the whip. And maybe he’s beginning to realise that. I don’t have a problem with him having his own views on independence. 

“I hope we can get to a point where there’s an amicable outcome, but this requires action on both sides. Angus is a good man; his heart’s in the right place. But I’ve been in politics long enough to know that desired outcomes don’t always happen.”