The Scottish Government's "failure to prioritise the social housing emergency" has been branded "disgraceful" after it was revealed average waiting times for social housing are longer than a year in most councils.

Freedom of information data showed that in 21 of the 29 councils which responded, average waiting times for social housing were longer than 12 months.

Meanwhile, in 24 local authorities, the longest waits recorded were more than than 20 years.

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Renfrewshire Council recorded a wait of longer than 68 years, though the application in question is on hold.

The Tories claimed that cuts to the housing budget by the Scottish Government were to blame for the long waits for housing.

Tory MSP Miles Briggs, the party’s housing spokesman, said: “The SNP’s continued failure to prioritise the social housing emergency is disgraceful – and it is vulnerable people who are suffering the consequences.

“People should not be left languishing in temporary accommodation for a year while they wait for a permanent home – never mind more than two decades, which is the reality in the most extreme cases.

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“These figures are deeply concerning and a damning indictment of the SNP-Green government’s housing failures.

“Social housing is yet another area in which they have overpromised, but undelivered – and swingeing cuts to the housing budget are only likely to make the crisis even worse.

“The nationalists have dropped the ball on social housing for too long, yet again failing to focus on Scotland’s real priorities.”

The Scottish Government said most people on social housing waiting lists were looking to move to a new home, rather than being faced with homelessness.

A spokesman said: “Scotland has led the UK in providing affordable housing with 122,201 affordable homes delivered since 2007, with 86,240 of these for social rent – either through councils or housing associations.

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“The 10,458 affordable homes completed in the latest year to end March 2023 is the highest annual figure since the statistical series began in 2000.

“Since 2007, Scotland has seen over 40% more affordable homes delivered per head of population than in England, and over 70% more than in Wales and we have delivered over three times as many social rented homes per head of population than England over this period.

“We are making £3.5 billion available in this parliamentary term, towards the delivery of more affordable and social homes.”