By Alec Ross

There remains widespread anger amongst Scotland’s farmers and growers amid press reports that the UK Government is to further delay – for the fourth time – the introduction of post-Brexit border controls on animal and plant products imported from the EU.

The delay is seen as a betrayal of the commitments made during May’s Farm to Fork summit at Downing Street.

According to NFU Scotland President Martin Kennedy, Westminster’s lax approach to introducing border controls leaves farmers at the mercy of diseases like African Swine Fever, as well as exacerbating an asymmetric trading relationship that leaves Scotland’s producers, who are complying fully with stringent border checks, at a competitive disadvantage.

Mr Kennedy said: “The longer there is no effective system in place, the greater the distortion of the market for Scotland’s producers.

"And while we understand that the government will shortly set out a new timetable for the export regime, there will be little confidence in the sector that it will be adhered to”.


220 store cattle in Dumfries yesterday met with a firmer trade of late, with bullocks selling to £1,445/head or 296p/kg for Hartbush, and heifers selling to £1,300/head for High Auchneel and 315p/kg for Beechgrove.

A shortage of prime beef bred bullocks at Carlisle yesterday saw them meet with demand, as they rose 12p/kg on the week to average 274p/kg and sell to 296p/kg.

Prime heifers fared less well, falling 14p/kg on the week to average 264p/kg. Young bulls continue to meet with really strong demand with beef and dairy types rising on the week by 29p/kg and 26p/kg respectively.

Prime lamb prices continued their recent recovery and sold to an average of 281p/kg, a rise of 6p on the week. Lowland and Hill ewes also met with interest and rose 14p/kg and 3p/kg on the week respectively.

A brisk trade at Ayr yesterday saw a price rise for lambs of all types which sold to an average of 268p/kg or £118/head, and peaked at £154/head for Laigh Borland or to 305p/kg for Texels from Blairbowie.

And despite a big entry of 772, cast sheep sold at least as well as recent weeks, with tups selling to £160/head for Dykes and mules selling to £129 for Castle Mains. Blackies peaked at £100 for a pen of fifteen from Aitkenhead.

16 bullocks at St Boswells yesterday averaged 270p/kg and sold to 302p/kg, while 21 heifers averaged 290p/kg and sold to 318p/kg.

Cast cows continued to meet with demand, selling to 229p/kg or £1,934 / head. Lambs were unchanged on the week at 267p/kg and sold to £167 for Texels or to 321p/kg for Beltexes, while cast sheep averaged £98 and sold to £197 for a Texel ewe.

Limousin heifers at Lanark yesterday sold to 340p/kg or £2,118/head for Brockwoodlees, while Limousin bullocks sold to 312p/kg for Faulingcleugh or to £1,876/head for Stonebyres Mains.

Beef cows sold to £1,890/head or 247p/kg for Nether Abington, while dairy cows sold to £1,310/head or 177p/kg for East Mains of Ballencrieff.

Lamb trade was dearer on the week and finished a strong day’s business at an average of 275p/kg.