Nicola Sturgeon's "revealing" autobiography is set to be released in 2025, after publisher Pan MacMillan secured the rights in a nine-way bidding war.

It is not clear how much the firm paid for the former first minister's as yet untitled memoir, though speculation earlier this year suggested it would be for a six-figure sum. 

According to industry magazine, The Bookseller, the publisher says the book will look at how the Glasgow Southside MSP went from being a "shy child from a working-class family in Ayrshire to the steps of Bute House as Scotland’s first female and longest-serving first minister".

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They said it would also detail her interactions with a range of notable figures, “giving her unique perspective on the most eventful and tumultuous era in modern Scottish and British politics".

They add that Ms Sturgeon will cover “all the important events and debates of her time, including the establishment of the Scottish Parliament, the SNP’s election to government, the Scottish independence referendum, Brexit, Covid and much more".

“The result will be a deeply personal and revealing memoir from one of Britain’s most significant political leaders of recent times,” the publisher says.

Ms Sturgeon promised she would be frank in the book.

She said: “I am thrilled to be working with Pan Macmillan, a globally renowned publisher with proud Scottish roots.

"I have loved my life in politics but ever since I was a child, I have harboured an ambition to write.

"Embarking on this book is therefore exciting, if also daunting. I aim to chronicle key events of the past three decades of Scottish and British politics and take the reader behind the scenes to describe how it felt to be ‘in the room’, who else was there, the relationships involved and how decisions were arrived at.

“I will talk about what I am proud of and be frank about my regrets. I will reflect on the challenges of being a woman in politics and reveal more about the person behind the politician.

"I will also draw on my 35 years of experience to offer some thoughts on the future of Scotland, the UK and democracy in general.”

There will be much interest in what the book says about Ms Sturgeon's time out of office. 

She resigned as first minister on February 15 after more than eight years in office. She admitted that she had become too divisive to advance independence or win greater support for the SNP.

Six weeks later her husband, Peter Murrell, was arrested in connection with a police probe into the SNP's funding.

Detectives raided their home and the party's HQ, and seized a £110,000 luxury motorhome from outside the house of Mr Murrell’s elderly mother.

SNP treasurer Colin Beattie was arrested on April 18 and Ms Sturgeon was arrested on June 11. 

All three were released without charge after being questioned by detectives.

Officers are investigating if the party misspent £660,000 raised specifically on Indyref2 also seized was spent on other things. 

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Mike Harpley, Pan’s non-fiction publishing director, said: “As well as spending her career in frontline politics, Nicola is a lifelong avid reader, lover of literature and a keen supporter of bookshops and the wider book trade.

"As a result, it is no surprise that the extracts she has already written are notable for their wit, honesty and excellent writing. We are very much looking forward to working with her on this book."

Responding to the news, Lib Dem MSP Willie Rennie said: "As an avid bookworm it was only a matter of time before Nicola Sturgeon penned her own.

"I'm sure she will have interesting things to say about leading the country through the Covid pandemic, her split from Alex Salmond and more.

"Given the ongoing ructions within the SNP, I imagine she is leaving the final chapter blank for now.

"And with a rumoured six-figure advance she can finally buy the motorhome she has always wanted."

Scottish Conservative chairman Craig Hoy said: “Nicola Sturgeon’s well-documented difficulties are sure to fuel interest in her book, but unless she wants it filed under ‘fiction’, she needs to be up front and honest about her huge failings as First Minister and SNP leader.

“Her reputation has taken a huge hit in recent months, not just for the scandal engulfing her and her husband, but because of the fact that several of her key policies – such as the Deposit Return Scheme, the National Care Service, devastating fishing restrictions and the alcohol advertising ban – have unravelled.

“When you add in Nicola Sturgeon’s appalling legacy on education and drug deaths, and reflect on how she divided Scotland with her endless push for separation, she has a pretty grim story to tell.”