A cyclist from the Italian team has been knocked out of the World Championships after a collision with an e-bike rider in a Glasgow cycle lane.

Media reports say Simone Consonni injured his collarbone and wrist after an incident with another person riding a bike on a cycle path in the city and will now be unable to compete in the points race tonight.

The incident is believed to have happened on Tuesday morning when Mr Consonni was out for a ride with his team-mate Francesco Lamon.

The 28-year-old told the website www.cyclingweekly.com that he wanted to do "two hours to stretch my legs" but came into contact with another rider on a cycle path.

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He told the publication: "This morning I wanted to do two hours to stretch my legs ahead of tomorrow.

"Francesco and I went out and we got onto this narrow cycle path, with this blind left-hand turn, and this other cyclist on an e-bike was coming in the other direction, with panniers.

"His bike was carrying quite a bit of weight.

"I tried to avoid him by turning to the left, but from what I remember, he hit me on the right shoulder with his helmet."

Consonni said x-rays showed his collarbone was "slightly chipped" and his "left scaphoid is broken".

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The Italian will now forego his final event and return home to be treated by the national team’s medical staff.

Mr Consonni came into the Glasgow World Championships as the defending team pursuit champion, but was too unwell to be part of the quartet who took part in the final on Saturday.

The Italians lost to the Danes in the event.

The UCI World Championships has been contacted for comment.

It is understood the incident has not been reported to Police Scotland.