Organisers of the UCI Cycling World Championships have declared the event as “one of the greatest ever held” as the final competitors cycled off into the sunset.

The world’s biggest cycling event, which saw hundreds of competitors descend on Glasgow from around the globe, came to an end on Sunday with the culmination of the women’s road race at George Square.

For the past 11 days the city has been host to elite riders competing in the streets and veues, watched by an estimated audience of half a million spectators.  

Council leader Susan Aitken declared the competition a “massive success”.  

She said: "From the first race to the last; riders, fans and officials have been telling us that the 2023 UCI Cycling World Championships will go down in history as not only the biggest but one of the greatest ever held.

"The UCI approached Glasgow to pioneer this new ‘super’ World Championships because they understood what a great events city this is; what an amazing passion for sport it has – and they knew we were the safest pair of safe hands when it came to making it all work. 

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"The faith they showed in Glasgow to host a truly global event was remarkable and I’m delighted the city has been able to repay that faith so emphatically – surpassing their expectations and even our own.

She added: "There is nowhere quite like Glasgow when it comes to creating an atmosphere and people who are ready to throw themselves into an event, heart and soul. 

"For Glasgow, the last 11 days has demonstrated that The Power of the Bike is making an already great city more vibrant and healthier; accessible, active and connected."

The Herald:

Bailie Annette Christie, chair of Glasgow Life commended the contribution of the 1,800  volunteers, known as the Champs Clan, who supported competition venues and across the city. 

She said: "Major events like this simply couldn’t operate without these wonderful individuals who give so generously of their time to support others and the unique personality and energy they bring to the event. 

"We will look to capitalise on the skills these volunteers have at future city events and, from speaking to lots of them over the last two weeks, I know they will benefit personally from this special experience." 

Glasgow is the first UK city to be awarded UCI Bike City status which recognises cities and regions which host major UCI cycling events and invest in developing community cycling and related infrastructure and programmes.  

There is now a total of 415.8km of cycling infrastructure in the city and in the past five years, £42m has been invested.  

The Herald:

Councillor Angus Millar, City Convener for Transport, said: "The 2023 UCI Cycling World Championships have been a superb advert for cycling in Glasgow and across Scotland as a whole. The past week has been a unique opportunity to see world-class competitors at close hands and they have helped to create a real buzz about cycling in the city. 

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"In the last year alone, we have seen significant progress on our plans for a comprehensive City Network of safe, segregated cycling infrastructure across the city.   

"Glasgow secured a UK first in 2019 when it was awarded UCI Bike City Status for its commitment to cycling and it’s a status that we are determined to live up to long after the cycling world championships are over."