Drivers are being warned to deviate from diversion routes in place for forthcoming overnight closures of the M8 or risk being issued with a LEZ penalty notice.

Amey, on behalf of Transport Scotland as part of the Network Management Contract for the South-West Trunk Road Unit, are undertaking enabling works on the M8 eastbound, at junction 19 to 16.

The work will begin on Monday, August 21 and last until Thursday, August 31.

It will be carried out using overnight closures between the hours of 10pm and 6am each night, with signed diversion routes in operation. 

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Eastbound traffic will be directed to leave the motorway at junction 18 St George’s Road/ Great Western Road. Traffic will then follow diversions onto St George’s Cross, then St George’s Road, onto Garscube Road. They will then continue onto Dobbie’s Loan, before re-entering the M8 eastbound at junction 16 Craighall. 

The junction 19 on-slip at Anderson and the junction 18 on-slip at Charing Cross will also be closed. Traffic looking to join the M8 eastbound will be directed via North Street or St George’s Road and joining the diversion route at junction 18. 

Amey has warned that vehicles entering the LEZ as part of the diversion must follow the diversion signage at all times.

Any vehicles which deviate from the published diversion route may be issued with penalty charge notice(s) from Glasgow City Council should they be captured out with the agreed diversion route.