It has been reported that Nicola Sturgeon has lost the 24-hour police protection squad put in place to provide security for the First Minister.  

Ms Sturgeon – now just an MSP – was entitled to the officers during her time in the top job. 

But now it is beleievd that she will no longer be supplied with a bodyguard round-the-clock, despite her former high-profile.  

What is the First Minister’s security detail?  

While details are obviously kept scant, it is believed to be made up of six officers and two vehicles, who monitor the First Minister at all times.  

According to reports, it costs £600,000 a year to provide this level of security cover.  

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Previous First Ministers such as Alex Salmond and Jack McConnell will have been given the same level of security.  

Why is Nicola Sturgeon losing her security team now?  

Ms Sturgeon has been out of the top job since stepping down in March. Normally, this would also have ended Police Scotland’s involvement in her security, but concerns were raised over previous threats she had faced.  

The Herald:

Nicola Sturgeon stepped down in March

What were these threats?  

Aside from abuse on social media, Ms Sturgeon has faced direct death threats.  

Earlier this year, a man who posted online assassination threats and assaulted a sheriff has been jailed for five years and ten months. 

William Curtis, 67, from Aberchirder, Aberdeenshire, also threatened his former local MSP Stewart Stevenson. 

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In February, Hugh Docherty, 42, from Fife, was jailed for sending a message saying ms Sturgeon was going to “face a hanging” for treason. 

Docherty, was sent to prison on the day the First Minister announced she was resigning. 

The Herald:

Humza Yousaf 

Does Humza Yousaf have the same level of protection?  

As First Minister, Mr Yousaf is also guarded by police 24-hours a day.  

He said that Ms Sturgeon had told him she was tired of the constant surveillance.  

The First Minister told an Edinburgh Fringe audience Ms Sturgeon once told him: “You’ve got no idea what it’s like. I can’t even go for a coffee with a friend without police officers at the table next to me.”