A comedian has said that the Edinburgh Fringe has become a more racist place to visit, after he was abused three times during a ten-day stay.  

Benjamin Bello, who performs in the guise of comedy dictator President Obonjo, said he experienced three racial incidents during his time in the capital – something he never experienced previously. 

Comedy industry website Chortle reports that Bello, who is black, was told twice to ‘go back to your country’ by people, while in the third case, a woman repeatedly said she couldn’t see him the dark. They all occurred in public places, and in two cases fellow comedians intervened. 

In the most aggressive case, stand-up Daphna Baram called the police after no other customers or staff in the cafe where they were eating stepped in. Bello told Chortle: “It was like no one knows how to respond when these incidents happen.”

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Another of the incidents took place outside a pub, where again the security officer did nothing.  

Bello – who has been coming the Fringe on and off since 2015 – said: “It is exhausting to have to deal with incidents  like this, not only as it is happening but then to raise awareness afterwards. 

“Black acts should not be racially abused for visiting Edinburgh to make locals and tourists laugh. 

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“These incidents will never stop me from coming to Edinburgh. I have never experienced any racist incidents here before, but this year felt strange. Perhaps they are  isolated incidents but it needs to be addressed.” 

He added: “Black acts visiting the city need to be aware there is an increase in racial incidents, apart from  getting ready to protect ourselves  we do need more allies  to act when they witness these incidents.”