The SNP has called on Labour’s Dame Jackie Baillie to delete a tweet comparing the case of serial killer Lucy Letby and the infections scandal at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital (QEUH).

The party’s deputy leader said there were “parallels” between NHS managers in Chester ignoring warnings about the nurse and whistleblowers being disregarded at the Glasgow super-hospital. 

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Writing in the Scotsman, Dame Jackie said: “The details of the serial killer on the loose in the neo-natal unit at the Countess of Chester medical hospital were hard to absorb and difficult to comprehend.

“Psychopathic behaviour like this, truly evil, is impossible to fathom. But there are aspects of the court case and the revelations which have since flowed which are depressingly familiar to Scots.”

Sharing the article on Twitter/X, Dame Jackie wrote: “There are parallels between the #LucyLetby case and the QEUH in Glasgow.

“Health bosses being more concerned about the reputation of the hospital than the lives of patients is simply wrong. Lessons need to be learned.”

Letby was given a whole life sentence last week after being found guilty of killing seven babies and the attempted murder of six other babies.

Concerns about the killer were raised with bosses at the hospital where she worked two years before police were called in.

Whistleblowers said babies could have survived had executives acted sooner.

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The infections scandal in Glasgow saw at least two children lose their lives after contracting infections linked to contaminated water in the flagship state-of-the-art hospital. 

They included 10-year-old Milly Main who was being treated for leukaemia but died after contracting a rare bacterial infection.

Two other patients died after contracting a fungal infection known as Cryptococcus.

NHS whistleblowers spent months trying to raise the alarm.

It was only when senior clinicians spoke to Anas Sarwar that the truth started to emerge. 

In her column, Dame Jackie wrote: “The parallels between the Lucy Letby case and the whistleblowers at Glasgow’s Queen Elizabeth University Hospital are unavoidable.

"The same culture of secrecy and cover-up at the health boards to protect their own reputations continues here while families grieve in private.”

The article was shared by Mr Sarwar. 

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Former Scottish Labour MSP Neil Findlay described the column and tweet as “shameful”.

“There can be huge issues of lack of accountability and arse-covering at a senior executive level in the health and social care field but to exploit this case for political gain is shameful,” Findlay wrote.

An SNP Spokesperson said: “Ms Baillie would be advised to apologise for making this tasteless connection and delete the tweet.” 

Scottish Labour has been approached for comment.