The announcement of an official Banksy exhibition prompted a frenzy among art lovers, and The Herald was at the centre of that.

Just 10 weeks ago we produced a souvenir Herald which featured exclusive artwork from Banksy’s Cut & Run at the Gallery of Modern Art

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The graffiti artist captured the imaginations of people across the globe and the Glasgow display marked the first time Banksy has showcased the stencils used to create the work. 

And as Banksy bids farewell to the city, we can bring you another first. We were given exclusive access to the exhibition and have produced a second souvenir edition.

Fans of the artist can purchase their own issue on our website at

The show has been titled CUT & RUN: 25 years card labour closes on August 28.

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Banksy told The Herald: “I’ve kept these stencils hidden away for years, mindful they could be used as evidence in a charge of criminal damage. But that moment seems to have passed, so now I’m exhibiting them in a gallery as works of art. I’m not sure which is the greater crime.”