Humza Yousaf has set out his legislation agenda for the next 12 months in his first Programme for Government as First Minister.

In his announcement, the First Minister set out 14 pieces of legislation that will be brought forward.


The Bill will provide powers to deliver the Scottish Government’s vision for agriculture that will replace current common agricultural policy schemes through an adaptive support framework that focuses on high-quality food production, climate mitigation and adaptation, nature protection and restoration, and wider rural development.


The annual Budget Bill will set out the Scottish Government’s spending plans, allocates resources for priorities and core services.

Cladding Remediation

The Bill will enable the Scottish Government to undertake urgent measures to carry out work on a building with unsafe cladding materials that present a risk to life.


The Bill will allow for the establishment of a new public body responsible for qualifications in Scotland and the creation of an independent education inspectorate.

Electoral Reform

The Bill will make improvements to the law in relation to Scottish Parliament and Local Government elections, informed by a consultation which sought views on the expansion of candidacy rights, protecting candidates and campaigners from intimidation, and improving administrative arrangements for elections.

Gender Representation on Public Boards Remedial Action

The Bill will remove the definition of “woman” from section 2 of the Gender Representation on Public Boards (Scotland) Act 2018.

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This will update the statute book following a reclaiming motion of a judicial review decision on the 2018 Act, which meant that a wider definition of “woman” in that Act no longer has legal effect.


The Bill will help to deliver the Scottish Government's new deal for tenants and some other aspects of housing to 2040 by creating powers for the introduction of longer-term rent controls.

The Bill will also create new tenants’ rights and introduce new duties aimed at the prevention of homelessness.

Human Rights

The Bill will incorporate into Scots law international economic, social and cultural rights, and rights relating to women, disabled people and people who experience racism, as well as recognise the right to a healthy environment, within the limits of devolved competence.

Judicial Factors

The third Scottish Law Commission Bill this session of parliament will implement the commission’s recommendations to update the law around the appointment and supervision of judicial factors and put in place a modern and comprehensive regime.

Land Reform

The Bill will iaim to improve transparency of land ownership, further empower communities, and help ensure that large-scale landholdings are delivering in the public interest.

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The Scottish Government said it will also modernise tenant farming and small landholding legislation.


The Bill will implement the recommendations of the working group chaired by Baroness Helena Kennedy to create new offences related to misogynistic conduct. 

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It will provide Police Scotland with new powers to hold to account perpetrators of misogynistic behaviours which can denigrate women and reinforce barriers to an equal society.

Scottish Aggregates Tax

The Bill will deliver on powers devolved in the Scotland Act 2016, by setting out the key arrangements for a devolved tax on the commercial exploitation of aggregates in Scotland.

Scottish Languages

The Bill will provide legal recognition for Gaelic and Scots, strengthen and requirements for provision of Gaelic medium education.

The legislation will introduce measures to provide further protection for Gaelic within communities, and introduce provision to strengthen support for Scots.

Social Security (Amendment)

The Bill will enhance the Scottish system of social security in line with the Scottish Social security principles, including enabling the Scottish Government to make recoveries of devolved social security from compensation awards where a third party’s fault is the reason for the social security payments.