Miranda Knight, the wife of Nichola Rossi, a fugitive wanted on rape charges who is believed to have faked his own death, has made a last-minute effort to save her PR firm from being struck off.

Last month we revealed that Knight Corp Limited had been handed a first Gazette notice, a public warning that the firm could soon be dissolved as paperwork had not been filed. 

However, shortly after our story appeared, the firm was spared.

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On 29 August, a confirmation statement was filed with Companies House confirming that all “information required to be delivered by the company to the registrar in relation to the confirmation period concerned either has been delivered or is being delivered at the same time as the confirmation statement.”

The next day, more paperwork was filed showing that compulsory strike-off action had been discontinued as “cause has been shown why the above company should not be struck off the register.”

Knight Corp Limited is registered at 7 Bell Yard in London, which seems to be the registered address for around 10,000 other firms. 

Ms Knight set up the firm, specialising in “public relationships” and “media representation” in May 2022, at the start of what turned out to be one of the most bizarre court battles in recent Scottish legal history.

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Reports last year suggested the company was set up in a bid to try and raise money to fight the bid to extradite her husband, Arthur Knight, to the US to face sexual assault charges.

The authorities believe Knight is Nicholas Rossi, a convicted sex offender who faked his own death and travelled to the UK in 2017, fleeing accusations of rape and domestic violence.

He surfaced in Glasgow’s Queen Elizabeth University Hospital in late 2021, suffering from Covid.

Rossi, who was the subject of an Interpol wanted notice, was identified partly thanks to distinctive tattoos on his arms.

Prosecutors in the States claim he has used several aliases over the years, including Nicholas Alahverdian, the name he was using when he faked his death in Rhode Island in 2020.

Rossi insisted he was Knight, an Irish orphan who had never been to America.

The Herald: Nicholas Rossi has claimed throughout proceedings to be the victim of mistaken identity (PA)

Ruling that he could be extradited to the US, Sheriff Norman McFadyen said Rossi was "as dishonest and deceitful as he is evasive and manipulative".

He said Rossi's character had "undoubtedly complicated and extended what is ultimately a straightforward case".

He had been using a wheelchair during hearings, but the sheriff said that he was sceptical that it was needed.

“He contradicted himself as regards the length of time he had been in a wheelchair in the same breath,” Sheriff McFadyen said.

“His claim that he could not lift his arms above his head and keep them there because of atrophy in his arms was contradicted by his behaviour during the proceedings, when he regularly raised and kept his hand raised during the hearing as he tried to engage the attention of the court.”

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According to Companies House, Ms Knight has been involved with a number of companies that have since been dissolved.

They include Veritascube, another public relations and communications firm, which lists her brother Kevin, as a director. Last year he told the Daily Record that he had no knowledge of his involvement with the company.

Both she and a Dr Nicholas Arthur Timothy Knight Brown were listed as directors of Nafsika Global Holdings ltd.

Their business partner in that endeavour, Nafsika Antypas – a vegan food and lifestyle writer and TV host – has since accused Rossi of scamming her out of tens of thousands of dollars.

The company was set up by Rossi on February 26, 2020, three days before he is said to have faked his death in the US.

Rossi is also facing questions from Essex Police over an allegation of rape in July 2017 - just weeks after he arrived in the UK from his home state of Rhode Island.

A prisoner transfer agreement is being set up to take him from Scotland to England to be questioned.

Ms Knight was approached for comment.