People living in Scotland’s largest city have reacted with fury after new bin collection rules mean they have to pay for garden waste to be collected.  

Under new regulations introduced by the local authority, residents in Glasgow will have to pay £50 per year to have garden waste collected from brown bins on the kerbside. 

The new rules will be introduced from October 1st – replacing a service which had been covered by council tax until now.  

Glasgow City Council has said that those using brown bins for garden waste have been “subsidising” those who do not, but the change in policy has not gone down well with taxpayers.  

Bins with garden waste and no permit will not be collected from the start of November. 

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In a lively conversation on X – formerly Twitter – Glasgow residents have been questioning the change of policy.  

One said: “Shameful! Where is GCC commitment to the environment? Many people will not pay and dispose of garden waste in other bins or just tip. Every decision GCC make is worse than their last. 

Another added: “So here I am struggling with my family each month and now I have to pay more money to get my garden waste picked up. What about people who are worse off? Eldery? It's a joke. Glasgow is ridiculous.” 

Some pointed out that the decision would lead to more fly tipping of garden waste, while others said they would simply bag waste and use green bins.  

One said: “Why does (Glasgow City Council) never learn? Same with high charges for bulk uplift & flytipping increased. Permits for brown bins=flytipping of garden waste , garden waste that could have been recycled will be put in green bins.  

“It's only <£1 p.w but people won't do it out of principle.” 

The charge was voted through by Glasgow City Council in February, as the city struggles to fill a £50m funding deficit.  

Food waste will continue to be collected from brown bins – only garden waste, such as grass and hedge clippings will require a permit to be uplifted.  

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Residents who join the scheme will get a sticker to place on their bin, which will be linked to their address.  

No concessions have been put in place, meaning anyone who uses a brown bin for garden waste will have to pay the charge.  

Those who do not are urged to take garden waste to their local recycling centres.  

The permit runs from 1st October until 30 September 2024, with no discount for months missed.

Permits are tied to properties and are not transferable if the occupant moves. 

A Glasgow City Council spokesperson said: "Charging for the collection of garden waste is common throughout Scottish local authority areas. 

"Collecting garden waste is not a statutory service, which means local authorities can seek a reasonable charge from those who receive the service. 

"A significant majority of households in Glasgow do not receive a garden waste service and they have effectively subsidised the service until now.” 

It is understood Glasgow residents will be contacted by post about the chnage shortly. 

The spokesperson added: "We think it's fair those who have brown bins for garden waste make a direct contribution, which will support the delivery of the service and protect other services in the longer term. 

"Residents who do not wish to use the service can continue to use our household waste recycling centres free of charge or compost the waste in their own gardens.”