Millennial hearts have been set a-flutter as Glasgow's Hydro venue tipped a strong hint that 90s pop group Take That will be touring to the venue.

Tour dates for 2024 would seem to be imminent as concert venues around the UK posted pictures with the band's famous double T logo imposed on them.

The pop trio's first album in six years is due for release later this year so any tour should feature new tunes.

Fans reacted with delighted with one posting: "About feckin time!"

Others could be no more articulate than exclaiming "OMG" repeatedly at the prospect of the group - made up of Gary Barlow, Howard Donald and Mark Owen - and their long-awaited return.

One fan said: "I'll be using this belter of a picture as my screensaver.

"Will keep me going until the boys are back in town doing what they do best."

Barlow revealed earlier this year that their fans in Scotland were a priority for 2024, telling STV's Laura Boyd: "Next year, next year – it’s an exclusive. We will be there.”

It came after the release of the flick Greatest Days, produced by the band.

The movie follows four former schoolgirls who had their lives changed at a concert by their favourite boyband, and then reunite 25 years later to reminisce on their memories.

Take That, who shot to fame in 1990, was originally made up of Gary Barlow, Howard Donald, Mark Owen, Jason Orange and Robbie Williams.