Young bagpipe players in Glasgow schools have been left without a teacher ahead of crucial exams. 

Schoolchildren learning Scotland's national instrument have been left "struggling" and "anxious" ahead of key performances towards their Highers after the only teacher in the area retired.

Now parents have been told it could take weeks or even months to find a replacement instructor, leaving 35 pupils across Glasgow without lessons - with 10 of those in their senior phase. 

"It's not good enough," said one mother, who did not wish to be identified. Her son, who is autistic, has had no lessons since returning to school in August, and has a key performance at the end of the month. 

She said: "He’s struggling. He’s beginning to panic now because the performance is supposed to be 29 September, there’s no way he’s anywhere near ready. His anxiety is through the roof, it's started to affect his sleep. 

“It’s harder for him because he’s got to follow music and learn in a different way from other people. It’s totally unacceptable."

The parent said she was advised to find a private tutor in the meantime, which would cost between £40-£60 for half an hour lesson.

She said: "That’s an incredible amount of money on a weekly basis. I can't afford to do that. 

"This is the national instrument of Scotland we are talking about. If we can’t have proper tuition in place for our own students what hope is there for the future of the instrument or these young people?

“I understand they are trying to fill the position but what I don’t understand is there’s no back up, no one else who can step in. "

The parent said she was informed the position could take up to 16 weeks to fill. 

A Glasgow City Council spokesperson said: “We understand this is an unfortunate situation for citywide bagpipe tuition, but schools have short term solutions in place with music teachers supporting the pupils daily with assisted practice until a replacement bag pipe instructor is employed.

“The job is being advertised now and we hope to fill the position as soon as possible. The school will continue to offer support and guidance to this pupil.”