First Glasgow has expressed concern at the "continuing rise in anti-social behaviour" it is seeing in Glasgow after youths attempted to set fire to a bus.

The incident took place on the 75 service travelling on Ashgill Road in the Milton area of the city on Thursday. 

The youths attempted to set fire to newspapers on the top deck of the bus before making off after police were made aware of the disturbance. 

First Glasgow said it is working with police to catch those responsible.

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Back in April, the bus operator threatened to withdraw services in the Pollok area of the city due to a rise in the number of arson attacks.

In response to the latest incident, a First Glasgow spokesperson said: “Actions such as these are totally unacceptable and it is yet another example of the continuing rise in anti-social behaviour we are seeing, not only in Glasgow but across the UK.

“Our services play a huge role in providing access to employment, education, social and leisure opportunities. 

"We will not tolerate this sort of behaviour or the disruption caused to our passengers and staff."

A spokesperson for Police Scotland added: "We were made aware of a group causing a disturbance at Ashgill Road, Glasgow, around 8.20pm on Wednesday, 21 September, 2023. The group had dispersed prior to police arriving."