The SNP’s Transport Secretary has insisted her government has not held any talks with Glasgow City Council bosses about introducing a congestion charge.

SNP councillors in Glasgow have been accused of “plotting a congestion charge which will hammer hard-working people”.

Plans have emerged from Glasgow City Council suggesting a congestion charge could be levied on commuters who do not live in the city.

Similar plans were proposed by SNP councillors in Edinburgh before the party lost power at the last local government elections.

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But the Scottish Government’s Transport Secretary, Mairi McAllan, said officials and ministers have held no discussions with their party colleagues in Glasgow about specific measures.

Ms McAllan did, however, welcome councils’ commitments to “local measures that support delivery” of the Scottish Government’s pledge to cut car kilometers by 20% by 2030, pointing specifically at the “City of Edinburgh and Glasgow City Councils’ commitments to a 30% car kilometre reduction”.

She added: “We will work with local authorities to support equitable measures, encouraging active travel and greater investment in public transport for a fair and greener transport system.”

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But Conservative MSP Russell Findlay claimed that “SNP councillors are plotting a congestion charge which will hammer hard-working people who need their cars to do their jobs”.

He added: “Many have already been penalised by the punitive LEZ (low emission zone) scheme which has also hit shops and nightlife.”

The Tory MSP claimed impacted industries have claimed these measures are being touted because “SNP ministers are cutting cash to councils”.

He added: “Will the money taken from the pockets of motorists for any congestion charge be used to urgently repair dangerous roads and invest in public transport.”

But Ms McAllan labelled the comments by Mr Findlay as “inflammatory”.

She said: “I do welcome encouraging signs from both Glasgow and Edinburgh city councils that they are committed to car kilometre reduction.”

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Pressed over whether SNP ministers have held talks with councillors about proposed congestion charges being introduced, Ms McAllan denied this was the case.

She said: “The Scottish Government has had discussions with Glasgow City Council in the context of those policy measures to support the delivery of a 20% car kilometre reduction.

“But the Scottish Government has not had discussions with the council regarding any specific congestion charging schemes, including charging motorists not resident in Glasgow.”