Michael Gove said the Union has been strengthened and called Keir Starmer a jellyfish during a speech at the Conservative Party Conference 2023 in Manchester.

Taking to the main stage at the party conference, the Secretary of State for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities made various claims during his 13 minute address to party delegates.  

Here are four key moments from Michael Gove's speech and what it means for Scotland.  

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Michael Gove says 'the Union has been strengthened' 

Aberdeen-born Michael Gove said the Union has been strengthened”, and claimed “nationalism is in retreat in Scotland”.

He said: “We will fight at the next election for a kingdom more united, more confident and more ambitious.”

It comes after the MP angered SNP ministers at the weekend after announcing £140m of UK Government funding for seven Scottish communities without consulting Holyrood.

The Herald:

Brexit has been 'delivered' says Michael Gove

Mr Gove claimed Brexit “has been delivered” as he claimed an extra “£350 million a week” has been left for the NHS. 

He said: "Brexit has been delivered and there is now more than £350m extra a week for our NHS. Promise made, promise delivered."

However, Mr Gove did not provide any evidence to back up this claim, a statement which has caused controversy after being accused of misleading people in the Brexit referendum. 

The minister said: "We have got a record to be proud of, a Conservative record, a record of delivery against the odds.

"And a record that every one of us should be proclaiming every single day from now until the next general election because this is a record which will give us victory.”

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'Conservatives will protect the green belt'

Mr Gove also said he would stop Labour "taking our fields, meadows, and forests away from our children". 

"We're not just the party of opportunity and ownership, we're the party of beauty and nature. 

"That is why we will resist the proposals of the Labour party, and now the Lib Dems too, to build all over the green belt and destroy precious natural habitats. 

"Labour must not be allowed to take our fields, meadows and forests away from our children. And we will stop them."

Michael Gove: 'Keir Starmer is the jellyfish of British politics'

During his speech, Mr Gove proclaimed Labour leader Keir Starmer is "the jellyfish of British politics". 

He said: "He’s transparent, spineless and swept along by the tide.”