The war in Ukraine is continuing to take a bloody toll, but for how much longer can the West continue to back Kyiv's fight?

Recently the highly-respected commentator David Pratt reported on concern that support in the United States is wavering.

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Today a reader picks up and develops that theme, arguing that prolonging the conflict makes no sense.

William Loneskie of Lauder writes:

"Ukraine’s much-heralded counter-offensive has failed. It has cost thousands of lives and expended a great deal of military equipment to capture a few destroyed villages. Experts say that Russia is likely to launch its own offensive once the mud of the autumn rains has frozen in the harsh winter. We have to accept that Ukraine is not going to win this war, and that prolonging the killing makes no sense.

Opposition to the war is growing across Europe and in the United States. Hungary has always opposed supporting Ukraine, and now Poland has stopped all military aid. The recent election in Slovakia of Robert Fico means that Slovakia, which gave Ukraine all of its Mig warplanes, will stop all funding. Anti-war movements in France, Germany and the Czech Republic have attracted millions of supporters.

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In the United States opinion polls show a majority of Americans in favour of stopping funding the war. A substantial number of Republican congressmen have prevented Volodymyr Zelenskyy getting the additional billions he demanded in his recent trip. They object to the huge cost when America is $33 trillion in debt. They object to the lack of supervision of how the billions were spent, and where the arms went, saying that some weapons sent to Ukraine had fallen into the hands of criminal gangs and gun traffickers.

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All our efforts should be directed to stopping this dreadful war, not prolonging the suffering any further, and not escalating it further and further risking a nuclear disaster."

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