Heavy and persistent rain may cause flooding and disruption across parts of Scotland this weekend.

Earlier this week, the Met Office announced a yellow weather warning for stretches of the country from midnight on Saturday to 6am on Sunday. 

The warning has now been expanded by the weather service across a larger part of Scotland, with the likelihood of impacts increased. 

Homes and businesses could be flooded, causing damage to some buildings, with delays or cancellations to train and bus services possible.

Some low lying areas of Scotland may see as much as 50-75mm of rain, while 100-150mm of rain is possible over higher ground.

The Met Office said: “Rain is expected to develop across many parts of Scotland during Friday afternoon but is likely to persist through much of Saturday into Sunday morning before gradually easing. 

“There remains some uncertainty in the longevity and amount of rainfall, particularly across northeast Scotland and eastern portions of the Central Belt. 

“However, there is an increasing likelihood of some low lying areas seeing 50-75 mm of rain whilst over higher ground 100-150 mm is possible, perhaps in excess of this in a few locations across western Scotland.”