Labour candidate Michael Shanks has won the Rutherglen and Hamilton West seat after securing more than twice the votes of his SNP rival Katy Loudon.

Mr Shanks was declared the new MP for the area after defeating the SNP’s Katy Loudon by 17,845 votes to 8,399 in Scotland’s first ever recall by-election.

The by-election was called after a recall petition against Margaret Ferrier, who had won the seat for the SNP in 2019 with a majority of 5,230.

Sir Keir Starmer hailed a “seismic result” for Labour adding that voters in the constituency had “sent a clear message” that it is “time for change”.

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Humza Yousaf conceded it had been a “disappointing night” for the SNP, posting on X that the “circumstances of this by-election were always very difficult for us”. 

Here’s a flavour of how the result has been reported across Europe this morning:

Der Spiegel (Germany)

Labour wins important by-election in Scotland

The signs point to political change in Great Britain - as shown by a by-election in Scotland. Labour remains strong and aims for Downing Street. Party leader Starmer sees a “seismic moment.”

The victory of the Social Democrats over the Scottish National Party (SNP) is a setback for the independence movement. Furthermore, it is a further indication that Labour is on course to replace the Conservative government in London at the next election.

El Correo (Spain)

'Seismic' victory for Labour in Scotland

The obtaining of a seat from the independence party promotes the idea of ​​a change of tide.

The Labour Party has wrested a constituency in the south of Glasgow from the Scottish National Party (SNP), with a margin of advantage that predicts a good result for the main opposition party in the 2024 general election. Labour needs to regain seats in Scotland to end 13 years of Conservative government.

Publico (Portugal)

"Seismic" victory in Scotland points the "way" for Labour to return to power in the United Kingdom.

The victory of the Labour Party over the Scottish National Party in a by-election outside Glasgow opens up good prospects for Starmer's party in the 2024 general elections.

Il Post  (Italy)

Labour has won a by-election in a constituency in Scotland, soundly beating the Scottish National Party

In the United Kingdom, the Labour Party won the by-election for a seat left vacant in the British Parliament, after the Scottish MP Margaret Ferrier, of the Scottish National Party, was removed from office for violating the restrictions imposed due to the coronavirus pandemic in 2020.

RTL (Belgium)

British Labour wins election in Scotland, 15 months before a major vote

The British Labour Party won a by-election in Scotland on Thursday evening, a success which comes at just the right time for it before the start of its congress on Sunday and the elections expected next year.

El Pais (Spain)

Labour's victory in a Scottish constituency points to a possible electoral coup in the United Kingdom.

The left surpasses the Scottish nationalists by more than 20% in Rutherglen and Hamilton and suggests the return of Labour rule in Scottish territory

Ara (Catalonia)

An electoral defeat for the SNP strengthens Labour's hopes of returning to Downing Street.

The SNP collapsed and the Conservatives practically disappeared from a constituency near Glasgow.

Labour is a little closer to Downing Street. This is what the party's strategists believe, after this morning a change of historic proportions was confirmed in the Scottish political map.