Frasier is back in the building.

Who is Frasier and when did he leave the building?

Psychiatrist Dr Frasier Crane (played by Kelsey Grammer) was the central character in one of the most beloved sitcoms of modern times. The show aired from 1993-2004.

And he is back?

On streaming channel Paramount, from Friday 13 October.

Unlucky for some?

We’ll see when the reviews are in. The embargo lifts today.

Apart from Frasier, who else returns?

Just Frasier, I’m afraid. No Martin, Niles, Daphne or Eddie. Instead we get Frasier’s son Freddy, and Niles and Daphne’s boy, David.

Big shoes to fill?

The original won 37 Primetime Emmys. Frasier came in at number 15 in Rotten Tomatoes’ top 200 comedies list (beaten, bizarrely, by Allo Allo at 13. Seinfeld was number one.