A Green MSP accused of a “vile” response to the weekend terror attacks in Israel has been “spoken to” by her party’s co-leader Lorna Slater about the matter.

However Ms Slater refused to say whether Maggie Chapman would face disciplinary action by the party.

Ms Chapman, a list MSP for North East Scotland and deputy convener of Holyrood’s human rights committee, was widely condemned for a post on Twitter/X on Sunday.

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Writing about the raids by Hamas militants that left over 1,000 Israelis dead and 150 taken hostage, she said: “What’s happening in Palestine is a consequence of Apartheid, of illegal occupation,m & of imperial aggression by the Israel state. Palestinian civilians have seen their homes destroyed, their water stolen & their land appropriated illegally.”

She also shared a tweet from another account which said: "The OPPRESSED are fighting back for their rights.. Don't let the Western media fool you into thinking it's terrorism, this is decolonization..”

First Minister Humza Yousaf later condemned the violence unequivocally, while SNP  External Affairs Secretary Angus Robertson said there was no justification for them.

Tory MSP Jackson Carlaw said the comments were vile and laid bare “the disgusting bigotry that pollutes the Scottish Greens and makes them totally unfit to be a party of government”.

He said that if Mr Yousaf did not end the SNP’s joint government deal with the Greens, he would be “deemed an apologist for antisemitism”, a suggestion the FM called “crass”.

Ms Chapman later condemned Hamas for killing civilians.

Speaking on BBC Radio Scotland today, Ms Slater, the minister for the circular economy, said she did not support Ms Chapman’s comment.

He said: “The attacks on the weekend were absolutely acts of terrorism.

“To attack unarmed civilians, to take hostages of civilians, these are clearly acts of terrorism and I and my party absolutely condemn those."

She said Ms Chapman was responsible for her own social media output. 

She went on: "I have spoken to Maggie Chapman about her tweet. What we really need to do is move the conversation on to how we deal with the humanitarian interest."

She said she did not want social media rows to distract from efforts to secure an immediate ceasefire with humanitarian corridors to allow civilians to flee conflict zones.

Ms Chapman explained her comments more fully on Twitter/X on Wednesday.

She wrote: “The killing of innocent civilians by Hamas & Israel is reprehensible.

“I condemn them wholeheartedly & anyone who knows me will know this is my view. 

“This crisis goes back decades. Earlier this week I shared a Tweet trying to put this complex situation into some context.

“As a campaigner I have always spoken out against Israel’s targeting of Palestinians, in the same way I have no hesitation in condemning Hamas for killing civilians. 

“My thoughts are with all affected by events of this crisis, regardless of where they come from.

“I fear worse is to come. I support calls for a humanitarian corridor to evacuate civilians and get aid to those most in need, and urgent international action to end this situation.”