The Scottish Conservatives have reacted with fury after a Scottish Government minister seemingly suggested a turncoat MP may have made up her claims of mental abuse at the hands of Westminster colleagues.

Lisa Cameron defected to join Rishi Sunak’s party last week, blaming the “toxic and bullying” treatment from SNP members.

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Speaking to the Daily Mail, the former consultant clinical psychologist said: "Being in the SNP has been bad for my health.”

Dr Cameron has long blamed her difficulties in the party because of her support for the teenage victim of Patrick Grady.

The Glasgow North MP was suspended from the Commons after he made an “unwanted sexual advance” to a teenage party staffer 19 years his junior “while under the influence of alcohol.”

Dr Cameron, a former consultant clinical psychologist, said she was "ostracised” by colleagues for asking about the victim.

Speaking on the BBC’s Sunday Show from the SNP conference, Scottish Transport and Net Zero Secretary Màiri McAllan claimed it was hard to believe anything Dr Cameron said after a leaked video of an internal hustings - obtained by The Herald - showed the MP hitting out at the Tories just weeks before joining the party on October 12.

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Ms McAllan said: “I know Lisa Cameron personally, our constituencies overlap to some degree, and personally I wish her no ill will.

“But I find it hard to believe anything that somebody says when one minute they are on video saying that the Tories have dragged Scotland out of the EU and we need independence, and in the next breath, they’re joining the Conservative and Unionist Party.

“I personally don’t know any of the details of (Dr Cameron’s mental health).

“I understand that our Westminster leader and deputy leader reached out to Lisa and sought to support her in that, and I don’t think that she was able to articulate the nub of the problem when they had that conversation.

“I’m not saying I don’t believe Lisa, I’m saying I haven’t given it a great deal of thought given everything else that’s going on.

“But equally, I do find it a little difficult to swallow what somebody says when they are so willing to have two very different public positions in such a short period of time.”

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Scottish Tory chairman Craig Hoy hit out at the comments, describing them as “completely tone-deaf”.

He said: “Saying she finds it hard to believe her is a crass response to the ordeal Lisa has gone through. It is clear the SNP’s Transport Secretary – like many of her colleagues – would prefer to smear her now former colleague rather than address her concerns head-on.

“That is exactly why Lisa Cameron quit the SNP to join the Conservatives, as she was ostracised for doing the right thing and standing up for a young individual who was sexually assaulted by fellow MP Patrick Grady.

“That culture will never change if those who raise concerns are simply dismissed by senior SNP figures.”

On Saturday, Dr Cameron said she had been forced into hiding due to violent threats.

She told The Times she had received a "torrent of abuse" and had been threatened with being "bricked in the street."

Police Scotland was unable to confirm or deny if a report had been made about the threat. 

A spokesperson for the force said: “We have well established relationships with elected representatives and regularly discuss individual security arrangements further with them.

“In addition, we work closely with UK policing colleagues to ensure all MSPs and MPs are aware of relevant personal safety advice.”

Meanwhile, it has emerged that Dr Cameron has been offered a new job in healthcare next year. 

It is not known if the MP has taken up the offer.

Details emerged in the Sunday Mail after an image and media hired to help increase her chances of finding new work revealed he had been forced to take court action to claim back money he says he's owed. 

The paper claims she tried to force the consultant to sign a gagging order banning him from talking about their arrangement.

The East Kilbride, Strathaven and Lesmahagow MP also reportedly planned to claim the money back on Parliamentary expenses.

Leaked WhatsApp messages show the MP told the consultant he was “a good luck charm” as she had “been offered a potential job in health next year!”

She added: “A much bigger job than I had before being an MP. Very excited."


“If I don’t get to stand again all will be fine. I have a positive feeling.”


The message was sent on June 6.