Dogs Trust has launched a desperate appeal to find loving homes for Scottish rescue dogs who have been left behind for too long. 

The charity has shared its long-term lodgers, some of whom have been at the Glasgow rescue shelter for more than two years waiting to be chosen. 

As the cost of living crisis bites, more and more dogs are being surrendered to rescue centres like the Dogs Trust. 

But, for those who are able to, rescuing a pet can be a rewarding decision which will change a dog's life for the better.

If you would like to meet any of the dogs below, or wish to donate to the Dogs Trust, visit the charity's website or call  0141 773 5141. 


The Herald: Jack is a wonderful boy who loves lounging on the sofaJack is a wonderful boy who loves lounging on the sofa (Image: Dogs Trust Glasgow)

Staffordshire Bull Terrier Jack arrived at the Dogs Trust in April 2021, and he is soon to celebrate his 10th birthday. 

He is described by rescuers as a "wonderful boy" who is "full of fun and energy". He is "super smart" and loves learning new tricks. Jack "is always putting a smile on our face" with his fun-loving personality, staff said. 

Those who come to visit Jack will notice an armchair in his enclosure, which is not the norm. The staffie adores lounging on the sofa so, when the charity was offered an armchair as a donation, they knew where it was going. 

Jack requires a home with someone who has experience with rescue dogs and is happy to walk him in quiet areas as he is not comfortable around other dogs. 


The Herald: Captain has been nicknamed Captain Cuddles as he is so affectionateCaptain has been nicknamed Captain Cuddles as he is so affectionate (Image: Dogs Trust)

Also soon to be 10, Staffordshire Bull Terrier Cross Captain arrived at Dogs Trust in December 2021.
Affectionately nicknamed ‘Captain Cuddles’ by the team at Dogs Trust Glasgow, Captain is a firm favourite with staff who know he will make a wonderful companion in the right home.

He is described as a "very loving and affectionate boy" who is known for giving kisses to his canine carers and enjoys snuggles on the sofa.  

Captain can be unsure of new people so can take a little time to warm up to new friends but once he knows you, his loving nature shines through. He will perform a little happy dance when he receives a new soft toy.  
Captain is looking for an experienced owner and a quiet home where he is the only pet. He prefers human company to canines loves to explore more rural areas free from other dogs.  


The Herald: Jupiter is an affectionate and fun young ladJupiter is an affectionate and fun young lad (Image: Dogs Trust)

Jupiter is a four-year-old Dobermann cross who came into the Dogs Trust's care in April 2021. 

He is an "affectionate and fun young lad" who is waiting for someone to be his best friend for life. 

At the Glasgow centre, his nickname is Super Jupiter as "he is a wonderful boy with lots of love to give". 
He has been described as a well-behaved boy who is house trained and very snuggly. "If you play with him with a tennis ball, you will make Jupiter’s heart sing," rescuers said.

Jupier can be sensitive around other dogs and strangers, so is looking for a committed owner who have previously owned a dog and can continue with his training. 

A home in a rural, quiet location would be Jupiter’s dream come true as he enjoys being walked in quiet areas away from the busyness of life.  


The Herald: Rania has been nicknamed Princess Rania by staffRania has been nicknamed Princess Rania by staff (Image: Dogs Trust)

Rania is a six-year-old cross who came to Dogs Trust in April 2021.

Little is known about her background, but she "is a little princess" so has been lovingly nicknamed Princess Rania by staff. 

She can be a little shy upon meeting new people but "once she gets to know you, she becomes your best pal and is very loving and loyal".  

Whilst Rania has been enjoying walks with other dogs, she is looking to be the only pet in the home so she can enjoy having her own safe space.  

She would benefit living with experienced dog owners who are patient as she adapts to home life which could be a first for Rania. A quiet home without children is required.  


The Herald: Zola has a BIG personalityZola has a BIG personality (Image: Dogs Trust)

Zola is a three-year-old crossbreed who arrived at Dogs Trust Glasgow in March 2022. 

"Zola might be small in stature, but she has a BIG personality," rescuers said, " Zola is fun, fun, fun and she never fails to put a smile on the faces of her canine carers.

"If you are looking for a dog with oodles of character, Zola could be the girl for you!"

 Two of her favourite pastimes are splashing in puddles and playing tug of war. She is described as a happy dog who spreads happiness wherever she goes.   
Zola is looking to be the only pet in her new home and she could live with children aged 16 and over.  She is on medication which will be discussed by the team with anyone interesting in adopting this "fabulous" girl.  


The Herald: Bella is beautiful inside and outBella is beautiful inside and out (Image: Dogs Trust )

Bella is a four-year-old Rottweiler cross who arrived in May 2022 at Dogs Trust Glasgow. 

She is described as a "beautiful girl inside and  out" who loves to snuggle up with her favourite people and she can often be found playing with squeaky toys.

Bella can be worried by new people so can take time to build a bond, "but once she knows you prepare for doggy kisses".

Bella has a very loving nature, rescuers said, but she can lack confidence, so requires patient owners who can help build her confidence at her pace. 
Bella is looking for a family who have experience with rescue dogs.  She has a medical condition that the Dogs Trust veterinary team will discuss with any potential adopters.