The majority of Scots are more likely to back a renewable energy development in their community if they had the chance to own part of it, a new study has found.

New research has revealed that two thirds of Scots (67%) support the development of renewable energy projects.

Across Britain, 65% believe the UK Government needs to do more to support the transition to renewables.

The UK-wide study of 2,000 homeowners shows that those who oppose local developments are in the minority (4%), with residents far more receptive to energy-efficient buildings, renewable energy projects and electric vehicle charging stations than they are of hotels, resorts, or business parks.

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67% of Brits support the development of renewable energy projects like wind and solar projects, with numbers rising even further when residents are given the option of part-owning and directly benefiting from the low-cost, green energy generated.

A majority of Brits also believe households across the country, not just those living near wind farms and solar parks, should be able to have this part ownership option and benefit from the UK’s clean energy transition through lower energy bills.

Support was highest among the younger generations, with 88% of 18-24-year-olds being more supportive of renewable energy projects if they could own a part of it.

However, Baby Boomers are a demographic seeing a strong change and driving new support for green initiatives, with 59% claiming environmental issues are much higher up their agenda now than five years ago.

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In response to the findings, Ripple Energy has launched a new initiative called Generation YES, calling on the British public to make their voices heard and say yes to more renewable energy projects being developed.

Generation YES allows members of the public to show they want more clean green energy infrastructure, at a time of controversy around recent government approvals for fossil fuel projects such as oil drilling in the Rosebank Field in the North Sea. The live platform showcases the wave of support for renewables across the UK, demonstrating the clear and growing hunger for climate action.

Sarah Merrick, founder and CEO of Ripple Energy said: “Public opinion has shifted towards the proud support of more renewable energy projects, and people are more receptive to green developments today than they were even five years ago.

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“It’s now widely recognised that renewable energy projects are the key to safeguarding our environment, combating climate change, and achieving energy independence.

"The British public is even more supportive of renewable projects when given the option of part-owning and directly benefiting from the cheap, green energy generated.

"But we know people often feel their voices are lost in the noise of resistance to renewable energy projects, so we’ve launched the Generation YES initiative to give the British people a chance to make their voices heard and show local and national governments that now is the time for action.”