Stephen Flynn has warned Keir Starmer that rejecting the SNP’s demands for a second independence referendum or further powers devolved to Holyrood if he becomes prime minister would be “quite severe” for Labour.

The SNP Westminster leader said he was “pleased with” the outcome of his party’s independence strategy, agreed at the Aberdeen conference on Sunday.

Under the plans, if the SNP win 29 of Scotland’s 57 constituencies at next year's general election, the First Minister will demand the UK Government start independence negotiations, or begin talks on either a new referendum or devolving the powers to hold a referendum to Holyrood.

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Speaking on Sky News about how the strategy will play out in reality, Mr Flynn said that “it means that we hope the UK Government will give us an independence referendum”, stressing that “we’ve added much more meat to the bones”.

Mr Flynn said the extra detail was “incredibly important, particularly given that it’s likely we’re going to have a Labour prime minister”.

He said: “So what we would like to see is the power over an independence referendum transferred from Westminster to Holyrood but also some of the key levers to allow us to resolve the cost-of-living crisis - so powers over energy, powers over single market access, powers over migration.”

The SNP Westminster leader added: “Now if the Labour leader wants to come to Scotland and say that ‘no, you're not going to have your referendum’ and he’s also going to say ‘no, we're not going to have further powers for Holyrood’, those are quite severe comments for a Labour Party leader to make.

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“Ian Murray, the (Labour) shadow Scottish secretary has intimated that there will be no more devolution. I don't think that the people of Scotland will respond well to that.”

Mr Flynn was pressed over the Scottish Government losing a Supreme Court hearing that ruled the powers to grant an independence referendum were retained by Westminster.

He said: “The court, of course, ruled that the power rests in London to make this decision.

“What we are suggesting is that that power is transferred to Edinburgh.

“I think the Scottish people would agree with that but also so many other powers in order to deal with the biggest challenge of today, which is of course, the cost-of-living crisis.”

Flynn backs Sturgeon's conference appearance

Mr Flynn was asked whether Nicola Sturgeon’s appearance in Aberdeen yesterday has overshadowed Humza Yousaf’s first SNP conference as party leader and First Minister.

The Herald: Nicola Sturgeon at the SNP conference in AberdeenNicola Sturgeon at the SNP conference in Aberdeen (Image: PA)

Critics have warned that Ms Sturgeon could be seen as “the SNP’s Liz Truss”, with her still under police investigation over the party finances probe, despite being released without charge.

Mr Flynn told Sky News that it was “utterly ridiculous” for the former SNP leader to be labelled the party’s Liz Truss.

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He said: “Liz Truss crashed the UK economy, she ruined millions of lives.

Nicola Sturgeon has a record to be proud of.

“The way that Nicola has conducted herself throughout this (the police investigation), when she was first minister of Scotland – she was one of the most successful politicians these isles, the whole of western Europe, has seen in a generation.

“She's a party member and I was delighted to see her conference yesterday. “The warmth which she was received by conference is a marker for her leadership during her time as first minister.”