Scots have been warned to brace for danger to life from "exceptional rainfall" and high winds as Storm Babet strikes today. 

A rare red weather alert is in place for Aberdeenshire and Angus, with warnings of "danger to life" from severe flooding and disruption from 6pm on Thursday evening (October 19).

While the Met Office has put out amber alerts for wind and rain covering Perth, Fife, Dundee, Aberdeen, and a large stretch of Scotland north of Inverness. 

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There is also a yellow weather warning for rain in place from 6am today for a huge area covering Glasgow, Dumfries, Ayr, Stirling, all the way up to Aberdeen, but just missing Edinburgh. 

While another yellow warning for wind covers a large stretch of Scotland, from Perth to the Shetland isles. 

Red weather warning for rain in Scotland

The Met Office has announced a red weather warning for rain covering Aberdeenshire and Angus from 6pm on Thursday to 12pm on Friday (October 20). 

People have been told to brace for "exceptional rainfall" which is expected to cause "severe flooding and disruption". 

The areas covered by the warning include Montrose, Laurencekirk, Inverbervie, Kirriemuir, Forfar, and Brechin. 

The Met Office has warned of "danger to life" from fast flowing or deep floodwater.

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It has also warned of extensive flooding to homes and businesses, collapsed or damaged buildings or structures, and road closures and bus and train service delays and cancellations. 

There is expected to be dangerous driving conditions on the roads due to spray and flooding. 

There could be loss of power and other essential services, the Met Office says, including gas, water, and mobile phone signal. 

Communities could be completely cut off, perhaps for several days, the weather warning states. 

Amber weather warning for wind and rain in Scotland

Storm Babet is expected to sweep strong winds and rain across the northeast of Scotland, with disruption likely from 10am to 6pm on Thursday.

"Exceptionally wet" conditions, meanwhile, are expected across parts of eastern Scotland from 6am to 6pm today.

Injuries and danger to life is likely from large waves and beach material being hurled onto coastal roads and seafronts. 

People have been warned of flying debris which could lead to injuries or danger to life. 

Some roads and bridges are likely to close and longer journey times and cancellations are likely on road, rail, air, and ferry services. 

Extensive flooding is possible, and there is a danger to life warning for fast flowing or deep floodwater caused by the heavy rainfall. 

Yellow weather warning for rain in Scotland

Storm Babet is bringing a period of "very wet weather" to many part of Scotland from 6am on Thursday to 6am on Saturday (October 21). 

Drivers are being warned of spray and flooding leading to difficult driving conditions and some road closures. 

There is a chance of delays or cancellations to train and bus services, and a small chance of fast-flowing or deep floodwater which could cut off communities by flooding roads. 

There is a small chance homes and businesses could be flooded, the Met Office said, and a slight chance of power cuts and loss of services.