In recent years, the allure of Turkey as a destination for medical tourism, particularly for hair transplants, has been on the rise. The promise of affordable procedures, luxurious accommodations, and picturesque scenery has attracted a significant number of individuals from Scotland and across the UK. 

However, some clinics in Turkey have been alleged to have not followed correct procedures, which puts patients' health and safety at risk.

It's undoubtedly vital for those considering hair transplants to exercise caution and thorough research before embarking on their journey to restore their hair.

The consequences of hasty decisions can be significant, as Nazim Ahmad, a former patient of a hair transplant clinic in Istanbul, discovered the hard way. Nazim shared his distressing experience and subsequent transformation at Seneca Medical Group, which has clinics in Scotland, and across Europe.

"I came to Seneca because I had a transplant in Turkey and I had a really bad experience," Nazim recounted. "I found Seneca when researching in my home country, Denmark, and travelled to their clinic to fix my hair. Everything lived up to my expectations; the staff were great, and the doctors did a really good job."

Nazim's story is a cautionary tale that highlights the importance of due diligence when choosing a clinic for hair transplant procedures. His initial experience in Turkey was a terrible one due to a lack of proper medical oversight, which, along with other issues, led to disastrous results that left him seeking a solution elsewhere.

"I regret that I chose that clinic because I didn't do good research. Hair is part of your body; you don't want anyone to just perform surgery on you," Nazim shared. "They over-harvested my hair, which meant the second time I had to take hair from my beard to get the results I wanted on my head. So, that was sad, but it was necessary. Do not fall for all the five-star hotels and taxis."

Nazim's experience highlights the need for thorough research and consideration when selecting a clinic for hair transplants. While there are some reputable clinics in Turkey, the lack of consistent quality control and oversight in most facilities can lead to disappointing outcomes.

The main difference between his experience in Turkey and his subsequent treatment at Seneca Medical Group was the level of expertise and oversight, according to Nazim. He noted: "The doctor at Seneca performed the full surgery, including taking hair from the donor area and implanting it back into your head. But in Turkey, it was mainly nurses, which was the main reason I think that my hair was over-harvested."

The Herald: Nazim’s donor area after was over-harvested in Turkey.


This significant contrast in the quality of care and expertise led Nazim to recommend others to carefully evaluate their options and seek out reputable clinics like Seneca Medical Group.

At Seneca, patients are guaranteed the highest standard of care and safety. With 35 years of experience, Seneca Medical Group has earned numerous accolades, including the Scotland Trichology Clinic of the Year & Hair Transplant Clinic of the Year in 2022/23.

"Our mission at Seneca is a simple one – to change people's lives and restore their lost self-confidence. It is our vision to lead the hair restoration industry to new heights worldwide and offer the most advanced treatments at an affordable cost," explains the clinic's mission statement.

Seneca's commitment to safety is further evidenced by their registration with Healthcare Improvement Scotland (HIS), demonstrating their dedication to putting patient safety at the forefront of their service.

The Herald:

So, while the allure of Turkey may be tempting, any risks associated with hair transplant procedures should not be underestimated. Nazim's story serves as a reminder to potential patients that proper research and choosing the right clinic are crucial for the success and safety of such a significant decision.

Seneca Medical Group, renowned for its impeccable reputation and unwavering dedication to patient well-being, serves as a guiding light for those on the path to restoring their hair and self-confidence.

Before you embark on your hair transplant journey, remember: think twice, research thoroughly, and consider the safe, experienced hands of Seneca Medical Group right here in the UK, with clinics in Glasgow, Edinburgh, and Aberdeen. Your hair, and your confidence, are worth it.

The Herald: Find your confidence once more with Seneca

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