A Glasgow hair salon has cut a lucrative deal with a celebrity stylist whose client list includes the original 'supermodel' Jerry Hall and actress Eva Longoria.

Scottish brand Bloom Lifestyle, which operates a salon in the city centre, will soon be offering appointments with Andrew Barton, who was resident hairdresser on popular TV makeover show 10 Years Younger for eight years. 

The firm opened a London salon a year ago, where the Brighton-based stylist sees clients but from December this will be extended to the Glasgow and Aberdeen salons.

The Herald: Bloom Lifestyle hair salon in Glasgow Bloom Lifestyle hair salon in Glasgow (Image: Bloom)

With more than three decades experience in the industry, Barton, 57, is one of the most celebrated names in British hairdressing.

"The owner, who is a hairdresser herself, opened London last year and the idea is that I will be here, in Glasgow, every couple of months for a couple of days and it will be for advance appointments.

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"It will be exclusively with me for the haircut and finish and one of the expert team for colour.

"This is quite unique but it will include a pre-consultation with me, remotely in advance of the appointment. I think salons can be quite intimidating places and the fact we do it in your home takes away some of that anxiety."

The Herald:

At its peak, Channel Four's Ten Years Younger attracted around 10 million viewers.

"Before that I was part of Lorraine Kelly's make-over team on her breakfast show with my good friend, the fashion stylist Mark Haynes," said the Yorkshire-born hairdresser, who mentions that his pal has just bought a flat in the city to be nearer his family.

"I filmed Ten Year's Younger for eight years and it's quite funny, there are still times I'm sitting on the tube in London and I'll be asked 'fringe or no fringe? blonde or brunette?'"

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"What the show did for the public was to say that transformation and feeling great about yourself doesn't have to include surgery or new sets of teeth but everyone can invest in a great haircut and colour and I always think that hair is that one outfit than you never take off."

He says the show also helped the hairdressing industry "enormously."

"That mirror transformation at the end was so genuine," he says. "I'd usually do the cut and colour the day before and on the day of the reveal there were no mirrors allowed on set and none in the bathrooms.

"The mirror would turn round and she would say, 'my hair, my hair!' and the producers would be sitting there fuming, saying 'talk about the £30,000 dental work'."

He grew up on a council estate in Yorkshire and says it's his belief that women from cities with a strong working-class undercurrent, like Glasgow, "like to dress up".

"There wasn't much money in the family but my mother never went out without a bit of lipstick or her hair groomed," says the hairdresser who charges £200 for a cut and hit the headlines some years ago after he described Princess Anne's hair as "medieval".

When he is not cutting hair, he is an ambassador for the Little Princess Trust, which creates wigs for children who are being treated for cancer and is also involved with Project Eileen, which provides training for teachers on supporting children affected by bereavement. The hairdresser suffered the loss of a parent in his teens.

The Herald: Actress Eva Longoria Actress Eva Longoria (Image: Agency)

He also has two new TV shows in the pipeline including one where he interviews celebrities as he cuts their hair. He recounts how a frosty start with actress Eva Longoria when he was late ended in her booking him for four days for the Cannes Film Festival after his down-to-earth approach won her over.

He will be offering  'Drop a Decade' hair makeovers in the Scottish salons, while staff will benefit from expert training.

"There is something dirty about the word make-over or anti-ageing but in reality if someone says I can make you look ten years younger, who wouldn't want that?", said the stylist.

He says the key to a good haircut or colour is a decent consultation but says some hairdressers are better at talking than listening.

He said: "If someone comes to me and their hair is too short for their head or face shape or profile I'll say I'm not cutting your hair today, come back to me in six months.

"I think honesty is key."