The Scottish Government has been warned it is on course to miss a target to clean up its vehicles after new statistics revealed only a quarter of its fleet is zero-emissions technology.

Ministers have set a target of completely phasing out petrol and diesel vehicles from the public sector fleet by 2025.

Figures show that some agencies have made less than 10% of progress while the core Scottish Government fleet is some way off track in meeting the aim.

In a response to a parliamentary question, SNP Net Zero and Transport Secretary, Mairi McAllan, said that “presently, (the) Scottish Government's overall fleet is comprised of 69% ultra-low and zero emission vehicles”.

She added that “zero emission vehicles make up 26% of the total Scottish Government fleet Ms McAllan added that “the data available for the end of 2022 shows that “approximately 12% of the Scottish public sector fleet vehicles were zero emission”.

Data from the end of 2022 for Scottish Government agencies show that Social Security Scotland and Transport Scotland have 50% of their fleets made up of zero emission vehicles.

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But only 8% of Scottish Forestry vehicles are zero emissions, 4% of Forestry and Land Scotland vehicles produce no emissions and only 2% of the Scottish Prison Service’s fleet is zero emission technology.

The Student Awards Agency for Scotland said the data was not held, while Accountancy in Bankruptcy, Disclosure Scotland and the Scottish Pensions Agency said they have no fleet.

Scottish Conservative shadow transport minister, Graham Simpson, said: “These figures show that the SNP are simply not practising what they preach to the public on encouraging a move towards using low emission vehicles.

“Ministers set the target of phasing out petrol and diesel cars from the public sector fleet by 2025, but Transport Scotland are clearly on course to miss that.

“Out of all the SNP government’s agencies, you would think Transport Scotland should be a model example, but only half of their vehicles are currently low emission.

“Coupled with the SNP’s failures to rollout enough electric charging points – especially in rural Scotland – their warm words are not being backed up in reality.

“If the SNP want the public to help them meet their net zero ambitions, then they should give greater focus on meeting their own commitments first.”

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A Scottish Government spokesperson said: “Scottish ministers have been clear that that we are committed to working with public bodies to decarbonise the public sector fleet.

“We have provided over £80 million to date to support procurement of more than 4,000 zero and ultra-low emission vehicles, as well as charging and refuelling infrastructure. “That has included Transport Scotland who have a 100% ultra-low emission fleet, with 50% now fully battery electric zero emission vehicles.”

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The Scottish Government said it is investing in electric vehicle charging infrastructure, which makes it easier for zero emission vehicles to be rolled out.

The spokesperson added: “We continue to support the development of public charging networks, our investment of over £65 million in public charging to date means that Scotland already has one of the most comprehensive public charging networks in the UK.

“Through our EV Infrastructure Fund we will work with local authorities and the private sector to invest a further £60 million in public charging across all of Scotland, focusing public funding on areas where private investment on its own is not currently viable, including rural communities.

“Our investment in public EV charging is in addition to the 20,000 domestic and business charge points already funded by the Scottish Government as part of the wider charging mix."