Korean pop stars who mistakenly wore Glasgow Rangers strips after confusing the club with a US baseball team have made a visit to Ibrox. 

STAYC, pronounced Stacey, wore the famous light blue strip during a performance in Dallas, in the US last month, thinking it was a kit worn by the Texas Rangers baseball team - delighting fans across the internet. 

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Rangers FC later invited the group to the stadium, where they introduced themselves to fans who gathered outside Edmiston House.

Members of the band thanked the crowd for visiting them in what was their first trip to Scotland.

One member said: “This is our first time in Scotland and we are so happy right now. Are you guys fans of Rangers too?”

Another band member shouted: “We love Rangers!”

The Herald:

The crowd cheered and fans took photographs while the band posed in a custom-made Rangers FC strip, each with the number 23 and STAYC printed on the back.

STAYC, a female K-pop group from South Korea, consists of band members Isa, Seeum, Yoon, J, Sumin and Sieun.

The group formed in 2020 and soon became popular, with a following across much of Asia and the West.