A victim of a disgraced brain surgeon has filed evidence to Police Scotland, accusing NHS Tayside of “reaching the threshold of criminality” while the doctor was “armed with a scalpel”.

Jules Rose, 55, was one of dozens harmed by Professor Sam Eljamel, who removed her tear duct instead of a brain tumour in 2013.

Prof Eljamel worked at NHS Tayside from 1995 until he was suspended in 2013 for his actions.

Ahead of submitting her evidence, Ms Rose spoke to reporters outside Tayside Police Station in Dundee, where she explained she believes NHS Tayside failed Professor Eljamel’s patients.

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She told the PA news agency: “Over the years I’ve collated a significant amount of evidence from various sources that I feel evidences the lack of clinical oversight with Tayside and reaching the threshold of criminality.

“I had written a 20-page statement with the evidence that I’m going to submit in this folder today so I’m going to present that to Police Scotland – that, I feel, is my evidence that reaches the threshold of criminality.”

She added: “Police Scotland have told me that they will use my evidence in conjunction with the current investigation that’s ongoing with Professor Eljamel so that they will use this as the wider scope and it will be presented to the crown office.”

Professor Eljamel is now understood to be working as a surgeon in Libya.

Asked if she is angry that he has left the country, Ms Rose said: “Yes. Many, many patients are irate and the anger and frustration that they feel that Eljamel has fled the country.

“However, this is the wider picture now. And that’s why I’m here today.

“Because NHS Tayside, we feel, armed Eljamel with a scalpel and allowed him to do do business and to cause harm.”

Ms Rose said she could not discuss any of the evidence at this time.

Police Scotland and NHS Tayside were contacted for comment.