A Scottish school has paid a moving tribute to more than 177 former pupils who died in the First and Second World Wars. 

Kelvinside Academy in Glasgow is one of several landmarks across Scotland which have lit up red in support of PoppyScotland this Remembrance weekend. 

Silhouettes of soldiers and poppies, designed by pupils and brought to life by the school's laser cutter, add to the dramatic light display, while handmade ornamental poppies for each fallen former pupil have been planted in the school grounds. 

Dan Wyatt, rector of Kelvinside Academy, said: “Many former Kelvinside pupils fought and died during WWI and WWII. We are fortunate to have the commitment, creativity, knowledge and passion within our school to create such a unique and fitting tribute."

The Herald: Displays created by pupils included cut outs of poppies and soldiersDisplays created by pupils included cut outs of poppies and soldiers (Image: Elaine Livingstone)

The War Memorial Trust school has one of the biggest combined cadet forces in the country, and held a former Remembrance service on Friday (November 10). 

 Yayha Cathcart, a S6 pupil and Regimental Sergeant Major and leader of Kelvinside Academy’s combined cadet force, said: “It has been more than 100 years since the Great War, but it’s a vital part of our country’s identity and our school’s history.

"We owe it to each and every person who served to remember, respect, and honour their sacrifice.  Sacrifices continue to be made by men and women serving in the Forces to this day and being part of the school’s CCF programme has really opened my eyes to the debt we owe them.” 

It comes as Scotland pays tribute to people who lost their lives in conflict during Remembrance and Armistice Day services this weekend. 

In Glasgow, a Remembrance Sunday service will be held in George Square on November 12, just before 11am.

There will be a two minute silence followed by a wreath laying and parade in front of the City Chambers.