What’s the story?

The Scotts.

They’re back?

Affirmative. Chalk-and-cheese brothers Henry and Vincent, along with the rest of their rambunctious clan, are returning to our TV screens for a third series of the BBC Scotland comedy.

Remind me of the premise?

The brainchild of Burnistoun creators Robert Florence and Iain Connell, The Scotts is styled as a fly-on-the-wall mockumentary. It draws tongue-in-cheek inspiration from popular US reality shows, such as The Kardashians and the Real Housewives franchise (Florence is a huge fan).

Who is in the cast?

Florence and Connell star as ostentatious cosmetic surgeon Vincent and salt-of-the-earth scaffolder Henry respectively, with Louise McCarthy as their aspiring pop star sister Colette and Shauna Macdonald as Vincent’s uber glam, cocktail-swigging wife Vonny.

Then there is Sharon Young as Henry’s sweet, peacekeeping wife Laura, Barbara Rafferty playing no-nonsense matriarch Moira and Lee Greig as Colette’s long-suffering partner Darren.

What can we expect?

Henry asks sister-in-law Vonny - the self-proclaimed “oracle of love” - for advice after his date night with Laura falls flat. Elsewhere, Colette is determined to get her singing career back on track by busking on the streets of Glasgow. Yet, soon finds herself faced with unexpected competition.

When can I watch?

The Scotts begins on BBC One Scotland, tonight, 10.40pm. All six episodes will be available on BBC iPlayer.