A Scottish drink that helps to prevent hangovers has secured national listings in Asda and Costco ahead of the festive party season.

Developed by Glasgow-based biochemists Dhruv Trivedi and Vandana Vijay, functional health drink Bounce Back has been designed to help revellers wake up feeling replenished after a nigh out. Taken before going to bed, it is billed as a combination of 17 vitamins, minerals, prebiotics and amino acids that are depleted when the body processes alcohol.

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“Our national listings mark another momentous milestone in Bounce Back’s success, as we help more people across the country to take back tomorrow and say goodbye to that post-social fatigue," Mr Trivedi said.

“The timing of our roll-out across supermarket shelves comes at a perfect time for customers too, as we enter the party season and our social lives begin to ramp up with Christmas parties and festive celebrations."

Despite last month’s Sober October movement, Google Trends data shows that the number of Brits searching for "how to cure a hangover" actually surged by 82% in a month. The similar search term "hangover cure" is also on the up, and last year’s data shows these searches rise consistently each week from mid-November through to Christmas, when they reach the highest peak of the year.

“This busy social life, teamed with the darker, colder mornings, can make it hard to get out of bed even on our best day, which is why we’ve used our background in biochemistry to develop a drink – backed by science – that helps those with busy lifestyles and active social lives to wake up feeling ready to take on the day,” Mr Trivedi added.