Thousands of homes in Glasgow and the surrounding area have been plunged into darkness by a power cut on Tuesday evening.

SP Energy Works confirmed that there is a power cut affecting the G3, G4, G12, G20, G21, G22, G23. G62, G64 and G66 postcode areas of the city and Milngavie, Bishopbriggs, Balmore and Bearsden. 

SP Energy Works said it had "no advance warning" of the power cut and first became aware of it at 5.25pm on Tuesday.

                         UPDATE: SP Energy Works said power has now been restored

"Our control centre will attempt to restore your electricity supply remotely, and we will also send our next available engineers to the area to find and fix the fault as quickly and as safely as possible", the distribution network said. 

Power is expected to be restored by 7.30pm, SP Energy Works added.

The full list of postcodes affected by the power cut are: 

FK20RW, G128PS, G13JW, G13JX, G200AA, G200AB, G200AD, G200AG, G200AN, G200AR, G200AS, G200AU, G200AX, G200AY, G200BB, G200BH, G200BQ, G200DD, G200EG, G211UY, G211XD, G211XE, G211XF, G211XH, G211XJ, G211XS, G22, G221AA, G226DX, G226LA, G226LP, G226LR, G226LS, G226LT, G226LU, G226LX, G226LY, G226LZ, G226NB, G226ND, G226OO, G226PD, G226PN, G226PP, G226PS, G226PW, G226PY, G226QD, G226QE, G226QF, G226QG, G226QH, G226QJ, G226QL, G226QN, G226QQ, G226QR, G226QS, G226QX, G226RB, G226SJ, G226SL, G226SN, G226SW, G226SZ, G226TA, G226TB, G227AP, G227AR, G227AW, G227BD, G227BE, G227BT, G227BU, G227DP, G227DR, G227DS, G227DT, G227DU, G227DW, G227DX, G227DY, G227DZ, G227EA, G227EB, G227ED, G227EE, G227EF, G227EG, G227EU, G227HE, G227HF, G227HG, G227HH, G227HJ, G227HL, G227HN, G227HP, G227HQ, G227JE, G227JF, G227JG, G227JJ, G227JL, G227JN, G227JP, G227JQ, G227JR, G227JS, G227JT, G227JW, G227LH, G227LJ, G227LL, G227LN, G227LP, G227LR, G227LS, G227LT, G227LU, G227LW, G227LX, G227LY, G227LZ, G227NA, G227NB, G227ND, G227NE, G227NT, G227NU, G227NX, G227NY, G227NZ, G227PA, G227PB, G227PD, G227PE, G227PF, G227PG, G227PH, G227PJ, G227PL, G227PN, G227PP, G227PQ, G227PR, G227PS, G227PT, G227PU, G227PW, G227PX, G227PY, G227QQ, G227QX, G227QZ, G227RA, G227RB, G227RD, G227RE, G227RF, G227RG, G227RH, G227RJ, G227RL, G227RN, G227RP, G227RQ, G227RW, G227SB, G227SD, G227TQ, G227TS, G227UP, G227XA, G227XS, G227XT, G235HB, G235HD, G235HE, G235HF, G235HG, G235HQ, G235NB, G235NE, G235NF, G235NH, G235NL, G235PZ, G235WW, G313DQ, G337DB, G49SP, G611AA, G611FE, G612AA, G612AB, G612AD, G612AE, G612AF, G612AG, G612AU, G612AX, G612AY, G612AZ, G612BA, G612BB, G612BD, G612BG, G612BT, G612DA, G612DB, G612DD, G612DE, G612DH, G612DJ, G612DP, G612DQ, G612DW, G612DY, G612EA, G612ED, G612EE, G612EL, G612EN, G612HS, G612NA, G612NW, G612QJ, G612QL, G612QN, G612QP, G612QR, G612QW, G612RR, G612RT, G612SE, G612SF, G612SG, G612SJ, G612SL, G612SN, G612SQ, G612ST, G612SW, G612TH, G612TJ, G612TP, G612TQ, G612TX, G613AB, G613AH, G613BB, G613BX, G613BY, G613DG, G613DH, G613DJ, G613DL, G613DN, G613DP, G613DQ, G613DR, G613DS, G613DT, G613DU, G613DW, G613DX, G613DY, G613DZ, G613EA, G613EL, G613EP, G613ER, G613ES, G613ET, G613EU, G613EX, G613EY, G613EZ, G613HA, G613HB, G613HD, G613HE, G613HF, G613HG, G613HH, G613HJ, G613HL, G613HN, G613HQ, G613JN, G613JY, G613LA, G613LB, G613LD, G613LE, G613LF, G613LG, G613LH, G613LJ, G613LQ, G613LS, G613LT, G613LU, G613LX, G613LY, G613ND, G613NF, G613NG, G613NH, G613NJ, G613NL, G613NN, G613NP, G613NQ, G613NR, G613NS, G613NT, G613NU, G613NW, G613NX, G613NY, G613NZ, G613PA, G613PB, G613PD, G613PG, G613PL, G613PP, G613PR, G613PS, G613PT, G613PU, G613PW, G613PX, G613PY, G613PZ, G613QA, G613QB, G613QD, G613QE, G613QF, G613QG, G613QH, G613QJ, G613QL, G613QQ, G613RP, G613RQ, G613RR, G613RW, G613SG, G613SN, G613SU, G613SW, G614LU, G614LY, G614LZ, G614NL, G614NN, G614NR, G614NS, G614NT, G614NU, G614NW, G614NX, G614PA, G614PD, G614PE, G614PZ, G614QH, G614QL, G614QN, G614QP, G614QR, G614QS, G614QT, G614QU, G614QW, G614QX, G614QY, G614QZ, G614RA, G614RB, G614RD, G614RE, G614RL, G614RN, G614RR, G614RT, G614RY, G614RZ, G614SD, G614SE, G614SF, G614SJ, G614SL, G614SN, G614SQ, G614SR, G614TA, G62, G621AA, G626, G626AF, G626AH, G626AJ, G626AL, G626AP, G626AQ, G626AR, G626AS, G626AT, G626AU, G626AW, G626AY, G626BB, G626BJ, G626BU, G626BZ, G626DB, G626DD, G626DQ, G626EE, G626EF, G626EG, G626EJ, G626EL, G626EN, G626EP, G626EQ, G626ER, G626ES, G626ET, G626EU, G626EW, G626EX, G626EY, G626EZ, G626HA, G626HB, G626HD, G626HE, G626HF, G626HG, G626HH, G626HL, G626HN, G626HP, G626HR, G626HS, G626HT, G626HU, G626HW, G626HX, G626HY, G626HZ, G626JA, G626JD, G626JE, G626JF, G626JG, G626JH, G626JL, G626JN, G626JP, G626JQ, G626JT, G626JU, G626JX, G626JY, G626JZ, G626LA, G626LB, G626LF, G626LG, G626LH, G626LN, G626LT, G626LU, G626LX, G626LY, G626NB, G626NE, G626NF, G626NG, G626NH, G626NL, G626NP, G626NQ, G626NR, G626NT, G626NW, G626NZ, G626PY, G626QA, G626QG, G626QL, G626QT, G626QZ, G627AJ, G627AL, G627AN, G627AP, G627AR, G627AS, G627AT, G627AW, G627BA, G627HQ, G627JH, G627JJ, G627JL, G627JN, G627JP, G627JR, G627JT, G627JU, G627JW, G627LB, G627LE, G627LF, G627LN, G627LS, G627SR, G627SS, G627SU, G627SX, G627SY, G627XX, G628AA, G628AF, G628AG, G628AH, G628AJ, G628AL, G628AN, G628AP, G628AQ, G628AR, G628AS, G628AT, G628AU, G628AW, G628AX, G628AY, G628AZ, G628BA, G628BB, G628BE, G628DB, G628DD, G628DE, G628DH, G628DJ, G628DL, G628DN, G628DP, G628DQ, G628DR, G628DS, G628DT, G628DU, G628EJ, G628EL, G628EN, G628EQ, G628HA, G628HB, G628HD, G628HE, G628HF, G628HG, G628HH, G628HJ, G628HL, G628HN, G628HP, G628HQ, G628HR, G628HS, G628HT, G628HU, G628HW, G628HX, G628HY, G628LB, G628LD, G628LE, G628LF, G628LG, G628LQ, G628LS, G628LT, G628LX, G628NA, G628NB, G628ND, G628NE, G628NF, G628NG, G628NH, G628NJ, G628NL, G628NN, G628NP, G628NQ, G628NR, G628NS, G628NT, G628NU, G628NW, G628NX, G628NY, G628PA, G628PB, G628PF, G628PJ, G628PL, G628WW, G628XX, G629BD, G629BE, G630SE, G631AA, G637AF, G638BE, G639, G639AA, G639AB, G639AD, G639AE, G639AG, G639AH, G639AL, G639AQ, G639AR, G639AZ, G639BB, G639BD, G639BE, G639BF, G639BL, G639BN, G639BP, G639BQ, G639BS, G639BT, G639BU, G639BW, G639BX, G639BY, G639BZ, G639DA, G639DB, G639DD, G639DE, G639DF, G639DG, G639DH, G639DJ, G639DL, G639DN, G639DP, G639DQ, G639DR, G639DW, G639EB, G639ED, G639EE, G639EF, G639EG, G639EH, G639EJ, G639EL, G639EN, G639EP, G639EQ, G639ER, G639ES, G639ET, G639EU, G639EW, G639EX, G639EY, G639EZ, G639HA, G639HP, G639HR, G639HS, G639HT, G639HU, G639HW, G639HX, G639HY, G639HZ, G639JA, G639JB, G639JD, G639JE, G639JF, G639JG, G639JH, G639JP, G639JQ, G639JW, G639WW, G639XX, G64, G641AA, G641BF, G641NQ, G641SB, G641SD, G641SE, G641SL, G641TS, G642AD, G642AJ, G642AL, G642AN, G642AR, G642AS, G642AT, G642AU, G642AW, G642AX, G642AY, G642AZ, G642BA, G642BB, G642BD, G642BE, G642BG, G642BH, G642BJ, G642BL, G642BQ, G642BS, G642BT, G642BU, G642BW, G642BX, G642BY, G642BZ, G642DB, G642DD, G642DE, G642DG, G642DH, G642DJ, G642DL, G642DN, G642DQ, G642DS, G642DT, G642DU, G642DW, G642DX, G642DY, G642DZ, G642EA, G642EB, G642ED, G642EE, G642EF, G642EG, G642EH, G642EJ, G642EL, G642EN, G642EP, G642EQ, G642ER, G642ES, G642ET, G642EU, G642EW, G642EX, G642EY, G642HF, G642HG, G642HR, G642HS, G642PA, G642PT, G642PX, G642PY, G642PZ, G642QG, G642QN, G642SU, G642SW, G642SX, G642SY, G642SZ, G642TA, G642TB, G642TG, G642TS, G643AA, G643AB, G643AD, G643AE, G643AF, G643AG, G643AL, G643BG, G643BH, G643BJ, G643BU, G643DT, G643HP, G643HX, G643JE, G643JF, G643JH, G643JJ, G643JL, G643JP, G643JQ, G643PA, G643PB, G643PD, G643PE, G643QA, G643QB, G643QD, G643QE, G643QH, G643QL, G643QN, G644, G644AE, G644AF, G644AG, G644AH, G644AJ, G644AL, G644AN, G644AP, G644AQ, G644AS, G644AT, G644AU, G644AW, G644AX, G644AY, G644AZ, G644BA, G644BB, G644BD, G644BG, G644BH, G644BL, G644BN, G644BP, G644BQ, G644BS, G644BT, G644BU, G644BW, G644BX, G644BY, G644BZ, G644DA, G644DB, G644DD, G644DE, G644DF, G644DG, G644DH, G644DJ, G644DL, G644DN, G644DP, G644DQ, G644DR, G644DS, G644DW, G644DX, G644DY, G644DZ, G644EA, G644EB, G644ED, G644EE, G644EF, G644EG, G644EH, G644EJ, G644EL, G644EN, G644EP, G644EQ, G644ER, G644ES, G644ET, G644EU, G644EW, G644EX, G644EY, G644EZ, G644HD, G644HE, G644HF, G644HG, G644HH, G644HJ, G644HL, G644HN, G644HP, G644HQ, G644HR, G644HS, G644HW, G644JA, G644JG, G644LA, G644LG, G644LH, G644LW, G652AA, G657, G657AB, G657AD, G657AH, G657AJ, G657AN, G657AR, G657DA, G657DD, G657DE, G657EJ, G657EL, G657EX, G657EZ, G657HE, G657HG, G657HX, G657HY, G657JH, G657JJ, G657JP, G657JW, G657LF, G657LG, G657LL, G657NN, G657NP, G657NW, G661AA, G661RH, G661RJ, G661RN, G661TB, G664, G667AA, G667AB, G667AD, G667AE, G667AF, G667AG, G667AH, G667AJ, G667AL, G667AN, G667AP, G667AQ, G667AR, G667AS, G667AT, G667AW, G667AX, G667AZ, G667BB, G667BD, G667BE, G667BF, G667DA, G667DB, G667DD, G667DE, G667DF, G667DG, G667DH, G667DJ, G667DL, G667DN, G667DP, G667DQ, G667DR, G667DS, G667DT, G667DU, G667DW, G667DX, G667DY, G667DZ, G667EA, G667EB, G667ED, G667EE, G667EF, G667EG, G667EH, G667EJ, G667EL, G667EN, G667EQ, G667ES, G667ET, G667EX, G667EY, G667EZ, G667GA, G667GB, G667GD, G667GE, G667GF, G667GH, G667GJ, G667GL, G667GN, G667GP, G667GQ, G667GU, G667GX, G667HA, G667HB, G667HD, G667HE, G667HF, G667HG, G667HH, G667HJ, G667HL, G667HN, G667HP, G667HQ, G667HR, G667HS, G667HT, G667HU, G667HW, G667HX, G667HY, G667JB, G667JG, G667JH, G667JJ, G667JL, G667JN, G667JP, G667JQ, G667JR, G667JS, G667JT, G667JU, G667JW, G667JX, G667JY, G667JZ, G667LA, G667LD, G667LE, G667LF, G667LG, G667LH, G667LL, G667LP, G667LQ, G667LX, G667LY, G667LZ, G667NA, G667NB, G667NE, G667NF, G667NG, G667NL, G667NN, G667NP, G667NU, G667NW, G667VV, G669BF, G697TP, G718PQ, G720PZ, G727ZY, G728RN, G732HZ, G733AQ, G768DX, KA32GH, PA48JA