Michael Matheson has suffered fresh humiliation over his £11,000 iPad bill after being lampooned by an award-winning comedy show.

The beleaguered SNP health secretary, who has faced calls to resign over his shifting accounts, was mocked on the late-night Radio 4 satire, The Skewer.

Created by comedian Jon Holmes, the programme splices together news clips with frequently obscene excerpts from films, radio and TV broadcasts.

Thursday’s episode combines Mr Matheson’s explanation of the bill to Holyrood last week with dialogue from the movie The Hangover, about a chaotic stag party in Las Vegas.

Against a background of classical strings, Mr Matheson is heard telling MSPs about the data roaming charges associated with his parliamentary iPad during a family holiday in Morocco. 

There is then a shout of “Whoooa! Road trip!” from The Hangover. 

After Mr Matheson says it is important to set out the facts to the chamber, actor Bradley Cooper chimes in: “What the f*** happened last night?”

Mr Matheson goes on: “I travelled to Morocco with my family, my wife and two teenage boys.” Mr Cooper cuts in: “Listen, uh, we f***ed up.”

The Health Secretary says: “The simple truth is, they wetter watching football matches.”

A clip from the film says: “Now look, this was obviously a very simple misunderstanding.”

After Mr Matheson says “I want to apologise unreservedly”, Bradley Cooper says: “In other words, forget everything.”

The clip plays out with Labour deputy leader Dame Jackie Baillie and the phrase: “Remember, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.”

The Skewer recently won Best Comedy at the British Podcast Awards and picked up three Best Comedy at the Radio Academy of Awards for three years running.

Mr Matheson, who initially blamed an old SIM card before admitting his children were to blame for the huge bill, is facing an investigation by Parliament’s corporate body.

Scottish Tory party chair Craig Hoy MSP said: "Michael Matheson is now a figure of fun across the UK because everyone can see that he lied and then embarked on a desperate and cack-handed cover-up.

“If the health secretary wants to stop being the butt of jokes, he must finally do the right thing and resign.”

The clip, which features strong language, is on BBC Sounds from 5'10".