Scotland is set to be hit by a cold snap this week, while parts of England and Wales could see the first snow of winter.

Colder air is moving in from the north this week, leading to cold conditions and the possibility of wintry showers across the north of the country.

Temperatures in Aberdeen are expected to hover between freezing and 4°C, while in Glasgow and on the West Coast temperatures could fall below 0.

David Oliver, a Met Office deputy chief meteorologist, said: “After some rain on Monday, conditions will turn mainly dry in the south for a time before a very uncertain period on Thursday and Friday for the southern half of England and Wales.

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"The weather models are highlighting several possible solutions from very wet to mainly dry, with a mainly dry picture the most probable outcome at present.

“However, some models include the prospect of an area of low pressure developing and moving in from the south or southwest.

"If this solution proves to be correct, we could see an area of warmer and moisture-laden air ‘bumping’ into the cold air further north. Along the boundary of the two air masses lies a zone across southern and central Britain where snowfall could develop fairly widely.

“Snow in any affected area is unlikely to be anything more than transient and short-lived, but it could lead to small totals and some disruption over a few hours before melting.”