By Alec Ross

Ahead of the upcoming COP28 climate meeting in Dubai, NFU Scotland has joined with other farming unions in calling for all governments to support a sustainable and productive future for agriculture.

In a statement signed by all farming union presidents, including Scotland’s Martin Kennedy, they write: “Agriculture in the is a versatile sector which supplies food, fibre and energy whilst taking action on climate change, capturing and storing carbon and contributing towards reducing emissions.

“Farmers across the world are on the frontline of climate change with drought, fires and flooding threatening global food security. We are are ready and willing to help alleviate the risks but we need support to do so. And it is vital that agricultural policies are practical and properly funded. We want agriculture’s role in taking action on climate change while producing for the future to be widely recognised, at COP28 and beyond”.


Prime cattle at Dumfries yesterday met with good demand, selling to 332p/kg for Limousin heifers from Yett, while OTM prices were sharper on the week, selling to 226p/kg for Brownrigg or to £1,556 for Dalswinton.

Beef cows averaged 159p/kg and sold to 226p/kg, while dairy cows averaged 137p/kg and sold to 208p/kg. In the store ring, bullocks sold to £1,495 for Fordingjames or 295p/kg for Lochbank, while heifers sold to £1,385 for Potterland or 289p/kg for Ryes.

Lambs at Ayr yesterday were easier sold than anticipated with the sale averaging 268p/kg or £120/ head, and peaking at £165/head for a pen Beltexes from Balcairnie or 307p/kg for Texels from Laigh Tarbeg. A notable rise in demand for fatter cast ewes was reflected in a top price of £195 for a Texel from Knocknaib, while the same breed led the tup section at £180. Mule ewes sold to £129 for Hall of Caldwell while Knockendon led the Blackies at £87.

Prime beef-bred heifers at Lanark yesterday rose by 10p on the week to average 321p/kg and sold to 440p/kg for a Limousin while bullocks rose by 3p on the week to average 310p/kg and sold to 340p/kg for a Limousin cross.

Cast beef cows also rose slightly on the week and averaged 159p/kg, and there was a similar rise in demand for new season lambs which averaged 265p/kg and sold to £190/head or 326p/kg.

Cast ewes also met with demand and rose £2 on the week to an average of £71/head and a peak of 280p/kg for a Texel. And a consignment of over a thousand Blackie ewes met a peak of £76.