A Scottish fashion brand has supported 10 men facing mental health struggles by funding a 'transformative' and 'life-changing' wellness retreat. 

Glasgow-based Finnieston Clothing recently announced it would donate its profits to support mental, physical, and environmental wellbeing as it switched to become a social enterprise. 

Founder Ross Geddes said he wanted to help others who may not be able to afford the retreat which had helped turn his life around when he was struggling with his mental health back in 2020. 

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He said: "At that time, in my life, I had no idea of anything like this. The drive to my first retreat was like a funeral for my old self, but it was also the rebirth of a new, purpose-driven me.

"It allowed me to break free from the cycle of seeking validation from others and discover my true purpose. The retreat led to me changing Finnieston to be purpose-driven.

"It made me realise that the happiest times in my life have been when I've been able to help others - which is why I’m dedicating my life to that now.” 

The Herald: Ten men were selected to take part in the retreat Ten men were selected to take part in the retreat (Image: Gregor Anderson)

Among the 10 men Finnieston funded to take part in the Mantra Menswork personal development retreat was a recovering drug addict, who wished to remain anonymous. 

He said: “The retreat genuinely changed my life. I feel the strongest I’ve felt in years. 

 “I was blown away by the experience. Everything about it was just incredible. It was transformational. 

 “The combination of all the sessions – breathwork, sound, cold water and coaching –  gave me exactly what I needed.  Something changed in me and I feel great.”

Mantra Menswork says its mission is to provide men with life changing experiences that facilitate healing, growth, and transformation. 

The Herald: David Millar and Ross GeddesDavid Millar and Ross Geddes (Image: Gregor Anderson)

Their retreats serve as a supportive space for men to delve into personal discovery and harness their potential for change.

Founder David Millar said: "Through coaching, courses and retreats we help men take ownership over their mental health and find more direction, purpose and lead authentically.

"Men leave feeling more confident and motivated and say they are more connected, clear and present. 

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“The impact is not only profound but also tangible, I’ve seen the effects of my work improve lives across a number of areas: at work, at home and in the communities of the men who attend.”

Finnieston Clothing, which opened its first Shawlands store in November, reviewed a number of applications, selecting 10 deserving men to embark on the 'transformative journey' to better mental health and self-discovery.

It will share plans for its next initiative in the coming months.