Signs have appeared on the streets of Edinburgh as the countdown begins for the enforcement of its Low Emission Zone (LEZ).

Signage was installed at the entry points to the zone on Tuesday (November 28) to mark six months before the new restrictions are enforced. 

From June 1, 2024, penalty charge notices will be issued to vehicles which do not comply with the minimum emission standards

Aimed at improving air quality in the Capital, the LEZ will cover a large stretch of the city centre, including New Town, Old Town, South Side and the West End. 

Edinburgh council's transport and environment committee gave the green light to the Low Emission Zone in March 2022, and Scottish Ministers approved it in May that year. 

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The zone was introduced on May 31, 2022, with a two-year "grace period" where drivers will not face fines. 

Councillor Scott Arthur, transport and environment convenor, said it will play a "central role" in lowering harmful emissions in Edinburgh.

He said: "We all have the right to breathe clean air and it’s our duty to do everything in our power to drive down air pollution and protect public health.

"The two-year grace period is giving people time to prepare and make sure they avoid penalties once enforcement begins. It’s really encouraging that compliance is on the rise across all kinds of vehicles, with the LEZ helping to accelerate this positive transition towards cleaner vehicles. 

"There’s still some way to go though, and I’d urge everyone travelling into Edinburgh to find out more about the LEZ, the support on offer and options for travelling more sustainably – choosing to walk, wheel, cycle or use public transport is the best way to help keep Edinburgh’s air clean."

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The LEZ has been implemented after areas of Edinburgh were found with higher pollutants than the legal standard, including nitrogen dioxide (NO2). 

The city council said road traffic is the main source of harmful emissions, which are damaging public health and contributing to climate change. 

The LEZ will work using automatic number plate recognition cameras at entry and exit points, which apply to all vehicles except those which are exempt, including emergency vehicles and motorcycles.

The Herald: Edinburgh low emission zone boundary mapEdinburgh low emission zone boundary map (Image: Edinburgh council)

It comes after the Glasgow LEZ has seen drivers fined nearly £11,100 every day since it began enforcement in June 2023. 

As of October, more than 20,000 drivers in Scotland's biggest city had been sanctioned for breaking the LEZ rules.

A Glasgow family business, which claimed the scheme was 'illegal' and 'draconian' lost a court battle with the city council in October 2023. 

In Glasgow, the LEZ gives motorists escalating fines starting at £60 if their vehicles enter the area and do not meet emission standards. 

In Edinburgh, the minimum criteria is based on the Euro emission engine classification standards.

This includes petrol cars and vans registered from 2006, and diesel cars and vans registered from September 2015.

You can check if your vehicle meets the standards at