A choir performed in the the Clutha Bar on Wednesday night to mark 10 years since the tragic helicopter crash at the venue.

The Clutha Choir took the stage at the venue to commemorate those who lost their lives in the incident a decade ago.

On November 29, 2013 a police helicopter crashed through the roof of the Clutha on Stockwell street, killing all three crew and seven patrons of the bar.

An inquiry by the Air Accidents Investigations Branch found that the crash was caused by the fuel pumps being turned off for "unknown reasons".

The Herald: The Clutha 10 years onThe Clutha 10 years on (Image: Colin Mearns)

The helicopter was carrying 73kg of usable fuel at the time but did not use it, or land within 10 minutes of the first low fuel warning.

The Clutha partially re-opened two years later, while the Civil Aviation Authority mandated that all police helicopters would be fitted with Cockpit Voice Recorders and Flight Data Recorders as a result of the crash.

Earlier on Wednesday, former Scottish Labour leader Jim Murphy spoke of his experience on the night of the crash, as he tried to help those trapped in the bar.

He told the BBC: "When I got to the pub I saw people, not a huge number of people but some people, outside the pub and I thought: ‘Wonder what’s going on there?’

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“And it’s only at the point I saw something sticking out the roof and realised that the helicopter hadn’t crashed into the Clyde but had actually crashed into the top of the pub.

"The abiding memory I have is: ‘Did you do enough? Could you have done more?’

“But I have no first aid qualifications and these are the benefits of thinking a decade later rather than in the spontaneous seconds that you have on the night.”