A street housing a retail park in a Scottish town can 'lay claim' to having the most festive name in the UK.

According to research by LeaseLoco, Santa Claus Drive, in Aviemore, is one of only three streets in the world bearing the name of the man known as Father Christmas - with the other two located in the United States.

Sadly though, Father Christmas won’t be delivering presents to the street on Christmas Eve, since there are no homes and no chimneys for him to climb down.

The only property located on the street, which is located off Grampian Road, the main road into Aviemore, is Aviemore Retail Park.

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The retail park, which has six units anchored by an Aldi store, sits on the site vacated by the former Santa Claus Land theme park, which was demolished in the early 2000s.

While it may be the most festive, Santa Claus Drive is not the only street in the UK to exude Christmas cheer.

Some Christmas-themed street names are more popular than others - at the last count there were over 1,600 King Streets, 380 Chestnut Avenues, 230 Bell Lanes, 150 Holly Closes and 70 Angel Streets spread across the country.

Meanwhile, there are three streets in the UK with Rudolph in their name, three with Reindeer in their name and three with Christmas in their name - Christmas Pie Avenue in Guildford; Christmas Lane in High Halstow and Christmas Lane in Lowestoft.

John Wilmot, CEO of  LeaseLoco, said:  “Santa Claus Drive is more than 2,000 miles away from the North Pole, and there are no homes to visit on Christmas Eve. 

“But as the only street bearing his name, and nestled in the snowiest region of the UK, it exudes an uncanny familiarity - a comforting semblance of ‘home away from home’ for the merry old soul.”