Cineworld has announced a new pricing policy which will see some customers pay a significantly reduced rate for memberships.

The brand, which owns 102 cinemas across the UK, has cut the price of a monthly pass from £16.99 to £10.99 in some locations, only slightly higher than the price of a single ticket.

Members in Glasgow who only visit cinemas in Renfrew Street and Parkhead will benefit from the price drop.

Aberdeen Queens Links and Union Square are also classified as Group 1 cinemas.

However, an uplift will apply to access cinemas in other Unlimited Membership groups, such as Silverburn, who will continue to pay the higher price.

Cinema-goers who want to access all cinemas, except Leicester Square in London ,will pay £19.40 a month.

The Herald:

It is not clear why the company has opted to reduce prices at some cinemas. No one from the company was available for comment.

In June, Cineworld announced it was filing for administration,  as part of a restructuring plan to reduce its massive debt.

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Cineworld said the move would help it to "strengthen its financial position" in the UK.

It comes after the chain filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in the US last year due to giant debts and low footfall.

Filing for a Chapter 11 bankruptcy means a company intends to reorganise its debts and assets while remaining in business.

The company's shares have plunged almost 99% over the past five years, as it was hit particularly hard by the pandemic, which led to the enforced closure of its cinema sites.

Cineworld closed some sites in England but no cinemas have been affected in Scotland so far.

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The unlikely double bill of Barbie and Oppenheimer which came out in July brought the masses back to UK cinemas in a much-needed financial injection for movie theatres, but the sector remains far from a full recovery.

Barbenheimer landed too late to save the Empire Cinema chain, five of whose complexes have today been purchased out of administration by Ireland's Omniplex Cinema group. Among those properties changing hands is the Empire Cinema in Clydebank.

Streaming services have become the leading source of film entertainment. A lot of effort is now going into rebuilding "event cinema", but it's an uphill struggle as the cost-of-living crisis has slashed consumers' disposable incomes.