A Scot has already made quite an impact on The Traitors Season 2. 

Brian Davidson is among the 22 contestants fighting it out for the £120,000 prize in the popular BBC series hosted by Claudia Winkleman. 

He is among three Scots who have made it into this year's show, alongside clairvoyant Tracey and veterinary nurse Evie, both from Inverness.

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The 33-year-old created a memorable moment in episode three when he tried to convince the others he is not a Traitor - but instead managed to arouse everyone's suspicions. 

Viewers have to wait until episode four airs on Wednesday (January 10) to find out if Brian survives banishment after receiving a tie of votes with Ash. 

Who is Brian on The Traitors season 2? 

Brian is a photographer and the owner of Studio Snap Weddings, based in Glasgow. 

Speaking before entering the show,  which is filmed at Ardross Castle in Leven, he said he might "crumble under the pressure" while trying to keep a poker face. 

Brian said: "My face kind of says it all. I’ve played card games with family and had to lie about what hand I've got, and people have said 'we know you're lying'.

"With higher stakes I'd like to think I'd have a good poker face."

The Scot said: "Although, if someone was talking to me one on one and called me out, not around the table, I think I'd panic and not know what to do to play it off.

"So, I do think I've got a good poker face but I might crumble under the pressure!"

'At night I'll be the crazy man scribbling'

The Herald: Claudia Winkleman hosts The TraitorsClaudia Winkleman hosts The Traitors (Image: BBC)

The Glaswegian said he wanted to "test himself" by applying.

Brian said: " Whenever I’m watching TV, I always think 'I could do that' even for shows like SAS: Who Dares Wins, although in retrospect I’d probably last two minutes and then start crying.

"I felt the same way when watching The Traitors and now I get the opportunity to see if I will be any good!"

Brian said his game plan is "not to have a game plan" and take everything as it happens. 

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He said: "If I'm a Traitor, I’ll need to forget that I’m a Traitor. I've got a bad memory, so I'll make sure I take notes all the time.

"Looking at other people's game plans and trying to break down other people's strategies.

"At night I'll be a crazy man scribbling but during the day I'll just take everything as it comes."

'I think I'll be quite entertaining'

The Herald: The Ardross Castle owls are the true stars of The TraitorsThe Ardross Castle owls are the true stars of The Traitors (Image: BBC)

If he was a Traitor, Brian said he would consider throwing others "under the bus". 

And he said he wouldn't "take anything to heart" as he doesn't take life too seriously. 

He said: "This might sound big-headed, but I think I'll be quite entertaining because I'll just be mucking about.

"I think the fact that I don't take life too seriously will allow me to bring a little bit of light heartedness to a situation if there's anything crazy happening."

The Traitors continues on BBC One and BBC iPlayer on Wednesday, January 10.