First Minister Humza Yousaf has called on the UK Government to produce the legal evidence used to support airstrikes against Houthi rebels in Yemen.

The SNP leader also criticised the UK Government for first recalling the House of Commons, saying MPs should have been able to "debate and scrutinise" before the military action.

On Thursday, the UK and the US and allies hit more than a dozen targets controlled by the Iranian-backed Houthi militia.

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The military intervention was in response to drone and missile attacks against commercial shipping in the Red Sea.

Houthi military spokesman has warned that the strikes will not go without “punishment or retaliation".

Russia, Iran and Turkey said it was an “escalation” of conflict in the Middle East.

But Mr Sunak insisted Britain had taken “limited, necessary and proportionate action in self-defence”.

In a joint statement, the governments of the US, UK, Australia, Bahrain, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, New Zealand and South Korea said their aim was "to de-escalate tensions and restore stability in the Red Sea."

Speaking at the SNP's campaign launch in Glasgow, Mr Yousaf said “Houthi attacks in the Red Sea must stop”, and he called for a UN Security Council resolution on the violence to be adhered to.

He added: “Before action as serious as military intervention took place, MPs, who have been elected of course to represent the people, should have had their say.

“The UK, let’s be honest about this, does not have a good track record when it comes to military intervention, particularly in the Middle East.

“That is why the House of Commons should have been recalled today, ahead of military action that was taken, in order to allow for MPs to debate and scrutinise the UK Government’s plans for military action.”

He also challenged the UK Government to produce evidence to support its action, with Mr Yousaf saying: “If we have learnt anything from the past, the very recent past, it is that any decision to instigate military action should be evidence based, and we should be transparent with the people of Scotland and indeed the UK about the reasons for military intervention.

“The UK Government needs to produce evidence of the legal basis, not just a summary, the evidence of the legal basis.

“They need to articulate what is their objective, what is their end goal, and they need to give detail about the security implications of their action both in the region and here at home.”

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Also speaking at the event, SNP Westminster leader Stephen Flynn said it was a “surprise” that he was in Glasgow for the campaign launch, and not in the Commons.

The MP said: “Myself and my colleagues should currently be in Westminster questioning the United Kingdom Prime Minister on his decision to launch military action.

“It is right that Parliament be recalled this weekend, so that MPs across the board can better understand the decision that has been taken, but also get answers on the consequences and what comes next.

The Liberal Democrat leader Ed Davey also said Mr Sunak should have recalled parliament.

“I think it’s appropriate that parliament is told before we have military action. There’s a principle there which actually has been upheld for the vast majority of the last decade or more after what happened in the Iraq war… we had that dreadful war which I think many people now realise was a big mistake,” he said.