When it comes to engaging with existing customers and attracting new audiences within the world of offering experiences, innovation is the key and a new event, which will take place next month in Edinburgh, will showcase some of the most exciting ideas that are currently transforming this sector.

Aimed at events planners, creatives, designers and producers from across the experiential marketing industries, EXPERIENCEit will provide inspiration and fresh insights into new technologies and emerging trends.

The event, which will take place on 8 February in the Edinburgh International Conference Centre, is designed to support the growing market for event experiences in Scotland.

A fast-changing landscape of possibilities is now opening up to business, hospitality, retail, sports and entertainment organisations in how they design events in order to provide a memorable and impactful impression and workshops and sessions throughout the day will explore some of the most exciting new developments that are now available.

EXPERIENCEit will focus on embracing technology, helping delegates to explore the many options on offer, providing the opportunity to try them out first hand and discovering how they can be integrated into events. 

The Herald:

Another major area of discussion will be sustainability and experts will be on hand to demystify the process towards carbon reduction, showing how even small measures can be an important step on the journey towards lowering the impact of events on the environment.

Creating memorable events is the goal and delegates will have the chance to explore new approaches, looking at fresh ways to add meaning to their productions.

The aim however is more than just a single day of updates and inspiration; organisers, EVENTIT are looking towards building a community to curate content and foster industry cooperation and to create opportunities for growth through interactive engagement.

It has set up a LinkedIn forum to encourage delegates to engage ahead of the event, sharing thoughts, concerns and ideas that will form the basis for discussions on the day.

According to EVENTIT director, Judith Wilson, collaboration across the industry is the key to maximising opportunities and moving the sector forward.

“No one person has the answer to all these topics, which is why the industry needs to keep sharing ideas and building links to others so that it can draw on their experience of how to handle such things,” she says.

Exhibitors at EXPERIENCEit will receive year-long promotion via social media and in the EVENTSBASE newsletter.

Despite the advantages brought about by remote networking, Wilson says that it remains very clear that the best ideas are generated when people meet face-to-face, which is where EXPERIENCEit comes in.

“EXPERIENCEit has been designed to appeal to all the senses, so much so that we have even created a signature fragrance for the event.”

It is just one of the ways in which sight, sound, taste and touch will be used to make delegates feel as if they have actually experienced what’s on offer, whether that’s a venue, accommodation or caterer. 

“We want people to think about how they convey their message and provide them with ideas of how they can move that to the next level. It could be encouraging them to provide some form of activity that will serve as an icebreaker and get delegates more engaged.”

More information is available from judith@eventit.org.uk and from https://eventit.org.uk/experienceit/