A number of Edinburgh-bound Ryanair flights were forced to divert to Germany as Storm Isha winds hit Scotland.

Ryanair flight FR2970 was due to land at Edinburgh Airport at 11:05pm on Sunday evening, having departed Tenerife South Airport at 6:40pm local time.

However, after five hours and 40 minutes in the air, the plane landed at Cologne Bonn Airport - over 550 miles away - at 01:20am local time on Monday after diverting from Edinburgh. 

Around one hour later, Ryanair flight FR6761 from Seville also landed at Cologne Bonn Airport after being diverted from Edinburgh.

Ryanair flight FR816 from Dublin to Edinburgh then landed at Cologne Bonn Airport around 2:45am on Monday (local time) after being diverted. 

A fourth flight, Ryanair flight FR3598, then landed in Cologne around 2:25am on Monday after it too failed to land in Edinburgh due to high winds.

The diversions to Germany for the Edinburgh-bound flights came after a TUI flight from Sharm El Sheikh declared a fuel emergency following a failed approach at Glasgow Airport before diverting to Manchester Airport.

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Meanwhile, high winds also saw a Ryanair flight from Alicante divert to Glasgow Airport after the plane failed to land at Leeds Bradford Airport.

Dozens of flights to and from Edinburgh Airport and Glasgow Airport were cancelled on Sunday due to Storm Isha. 

A total of 10 flights bound for Glasgow Airport diverted to airports such as Glasgow Prestwick, Manchester, Newcastle, Liverpool and London Stansted on Sunday.

Meanwhile, 13 flights that were due to depart Glasgow Airport on Sunday - to destinations such as Belfast, Dublin, Paris, Bristol and Kirkwall - were also cancelled.

Edinburgh Airport also experienced disruption, with flights from London, Paris, Southampton and Bristol to Edinburgh Airport all cancelled on Sunday evening.